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Dispatx Art Collective


Dispatx Art Collective are pleased to announce the publication of our fourth edition - Abandonment. This edition contains 14 works comprising narrative and poetry, essay, photography, oil painting and sculpture, and video.

To speak of abandonment suggests a withdrawal or relinquishment of influence, the exposure of a physical or social structure to the dereliction of time or a cessation of protection. It can also describe a state in which one is given over to forces beyond oneself – the extreme highs and lows of the human condition. Above all, the act of abandonment implies transfer – something orphaned is passed to another controlling agent, something is gained.

The editorial discusses each of the works in detail : in addition, all archive issues can now be searched by work title, description, and artist details. For more details, come to

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The Little Bang Theory


FRANK PAHL ( is one of the most distinctive and charming voices in contemporary American music. He has received numerous awards, grants, and residencies for his innovative compositions using homemade automatic instruments. Inspired by the works of Trimpin and Pierre Bastien, Pahl began to delve deeply into the creation of automatic instruments, using these instruments as the fundamental foundation of his compositions. His work has included pieces for automatic string quartet, automatic doorbell quartet, and bicycle quartet. Pahl has received over 60 commissions for theater, film and dance and his music appears on over 60 releases. His latest band, Little Bang Theory, is named after the essay of the same title by the improvising musician Frederic Rzewski. Rzewski describes an approach to music well suited to improvisation. Basically each note can be seen as a little bang, with the possibility of introducing a new universe of music. Though the band performs on toy instruments the music runs the gamut from improvisation to toypop to soundtrack-inspired music...not easy to to see. Toy Suite #2 was made possible by a 2005 Meet the Composer grant.

Frank Pahl's Little Bang Theory with special guest Nick Schillace.
Sunday, November 13 at the University of Michigan Museum of Art
8pm - Free!
This show is sponsered by UMMA and WCBN.

525 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

NICK SCHILLACE ( is a Detroit area composer, teacher, and musicologist exploring what it means to be an American musician. In 2002 he completed a graduate thesis on the late guitarist John Fahey, and utilizes Fahey's self-described style of syncopated "American Primitive" fingerstyle guitar as the foundation for his own technique. This style, based on early forms of blues, folk, and old-time music, provides the perfect foundation for larger and more expansive musical compositions incorporating a wide range of his own idiosyncratic influences. He has been touring extensively both locally and nationally since releasing his debut acoustic instrumental album "Box Canyon" in June 2005. He also writes and performs with the groups indoorpark and Big Lake Trawler.

"Box Canyon is a collection of nine pensive and frequently
beautifully played songs for acoustic guitar"
- Steve Byrne,  Detroit Free Press

“Nick paints melodies as a painter . . . his techniques
are solid and the music is engaging. He has his own signature.”
-Henk te Veldhuis . . . Bridge Guitar Reviews

“ . . . inspired melodic evolutions. recommended.”
-Gerald Van Waes . . . Psychedelic Folk

“Nick Schillace's solo acoustic guitar music is propelled by a command
of the traditional and fueled by an expression of a truly original voice."
-Jon Moshier, music coordinator/on-air host WDET-FM Detroit Public Radio

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  • Anyone going to be in Ann Arbor next Sunday? Might be an opportunity to hang ou...more
    - [stargrazer]
  • The show was really well attended. What a fun concept, superbly executed.
    - [stargrazer]
  • Turn's out this is the 3rd in WCBN's concert series. The first two (last year)...more
    - [stargrazer]

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"The act of just making things"

Here's a refreshing interview from Grandaddy drummer Aaron Burtch on his artwork.


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  • Grandaddy is designing a t-shirt each month until their next album comes out in...more
    - [stargrazer]
  • Some T's will be Aaron's designs, some by the other band members.
    - [stargrazer]

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Ohmigawd! It's Oh My God, October 28th


Oh My God
with Starling Electric
and The Fluoride Program
Friday, October 28

Doors - 9 pm, Show - 10 pm

$8 for 21+, $10 for 18+

At Lansing's Temple Club
500 East Grand River Ave.

"Chicago rock trio oh my god is powered by overdriven organ, nasty bass guitar, pounding drums and some surprising pop hooks. Imagine the Doors, if they'd been on SST, or Freddy Mercury fronting a punk band. No guitars here--they've been co-opted by the organ-and-Leslie combo." --

"Sounds like a Christian-rock band? It's not. But oh my god doesn't have a notarized contract on file at the devil's office, either. THIS CHICAGO ROCK BAND IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH GOD OR SATAN..." --

I've lost count now how many times I've had the earthly pleasure of seeing Oh My God play their sanctified organ-bass-drums rock and roll. They are consumate showmen, fiercely talented musicians, and really fun people to hang out with, too. You should come to the show!

[or catch them at a gig near you]

Stargrazer LLC is pleased to offer this poster (click on the image for a closer look) for their October 28 performance!

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  • They are currently in the UK/Scotland, for those OCC'ers across the pond.
    - [stargrazer]
  • Peter... your posters look great!
    - [nick]
  • thanks, nick!
    - [stargrazer]
  • hell yeah! amazing poster peter!
    - [ben]

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Artist Video Series


Artist video series

Reading about artists can be moving. Seeing their work can be inspiring and, at times, can provoke us to action. Hillman Curtis, in his video series, allows us to experience leading designers through sound and motion, uncovering what it is about them that inspires him. Curtis profiles such  luminaries as Stefan Sagmiester, Billy Bragg, Paula Scher, Badly Drawn Boy and Pentagram as well as profiling some of his favorite movies like LA Doce Vita and Spinal Tap.

Curtis has even more videos on his site. See the entire series

David Carson
"The starting point is never to make something ugly, or to make it hard to read, or to make it award-winning, or to make it pretty. The starting point is to try to interpret something." Time: 3:50

Milton Glaser
"And I am still astonished. Things still amaze me. And I think that's the great benefit of being in the arts: where the possibility of learning never disappears. Where you basically have to admit you never learn it." Time: 5:55


from AIGA.

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Hurricane Benefit This Monday


There will be a Hurricane Relief Benefit at Lansing's Temple Club this Monday, September 12. Lansing musicians are donating their time and talents to raise much-needed funds for our people in New Orleans who have lost so much. 100% of the proceeds from the door will go to Red Cross efforts to transport, feed, clothe, and shelter the thousands affected by this national disaster. If you're in town, please come out and support this effort -- it's sure to be a night of great music, but let's remember the seriousness of the situation and our responsibility to help our neighbors in Louisiana who've been hit so hard. Give generously.

The show starts at 8:00 pm.  The line-up includes John Wesley Harding Overdrive, the Failers, The Gentleman Callers, The Hop-Ups, Eric Kelly and the Dirty Johns, The Pantones, Mike Vasas and The Beasts of Burden, Firewheel Handshake, Hall & Morgan, and Stephen Leonard.  Special thanks to Joel from The Gentleman Callers for getting Stargrazer LLC involved with the poster design, and to Sam Rose (of the superb Wanderjahr) for being the local sparkplug for Katrina benefit concerts in Lansing.

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  • Update: Joel says about $700 was raised at the door, and a god time was had by...more
    - [stargrazer]

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"02890" Bankley Gallery Show


An exhibition of nine emerging graduate artists based in Belfast. ‘02890’ is a mixed bag.

The artist’s works are not bound to one another; rather they point in differing directions, addressing contemporary subjectivity.

They demonstrate how societies structures and codes are embodied in the urban environment and the vulnerability of the individual played out through a complexity of narratives, sounds and images.

10th September to the 30th September 2005

Private View Friday 9th September 7-9 pm
Open Saturday 10th 12 till 4pm

Other times by appointment on:
07773 369 465 (24hrs in advance)

Bankley Studios Gallery
Bankley House, Bankley Street, Levenshulme, Manchester, England

[via Paul Stanley, thanks!]

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The Signal Processing Chain is here!


Participation in the Longest Chain of Human Audio Processing: Phase 1

When: September 4th, 2005 - 5:00pm-7:00pm
Where: Green Brain Comics - Dearborn, MI

This is going to be the 1st run (bigger and more public ones to follow) of the Signal Processing Chain - a grand experiment in sound and collaboration.

Please take's what you need...

1) one device that you can manipulate audio with that accept and send an audio signal.  It would be best if you bring a device that can accept and send 1/4" to 1/4" connection.  Also, if possible, bring something that runs on batteries.

2) If you are going to need power, please bring a power strip with you.

3) You may want to bring a cushion or a blanket to sit on.  Please expect to sit on the floor.

4) Bring a 1/4" to 1/4" audio cable that is around 3 feet in length.

5) Head phones to monitor yourself if you want.

We would also like to get a count of how many people we should be expecting.  If you can please e'mail to say that you be coming, that would be great!

If you have any questions, send me an e'mail!

**Directions to Greenbrain Comics**

is located at

Alright...We'll see you all there!

-The dorkbot.detroit crew

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REO Town Call for Artists

I received this from Krys Tourtois:

Call for Artists


The first annual REO Town Art Market will be held on the historic streets of REO Town in Lansing, Michigan.  REO Town is known for its unique atmosphere, which combines a respect for culture and history and an acceptance for new ideas.  This event will showcase a wide variety of Lansing’s artists and musicians, as well as local businesses.


This show is open to anyone who wishes to participate!  This is not a juried show, just an opportunity for artists and musicians to exhibit their talent.  We welcome all types of creative people, along with their friends and family.

There is a $10 entry fee and a $5 table rental fee. 


Artists may arrive at 10:00am on August 20th to set up their tables.  The Art Market will run from noon until 6pm.  Spaces will be approximately 8ft. wide and will run along South Washington on the sidewalks.  Spaces are first-come, first-serve on the day of the event.  Artists who have special requests for space for a tent or a different exhibit space should indicate that when registering.



·                     We are looking for a diverse array of vendors: fine art, crafts, food goods,               jewelry, clothing, musicians, etc.

·                     Demonstrations welcome!

·                     All work sold must be made by the artist selling the work.

·                     Registration deadline: August 5th, 2005


Julie Burtch
REO Town Commercial Association
1027 S. Washington
Lansing, MI 48910
(517) 485-2795

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Independent Music Sought

It Takes A Village To Make Records, an independently-run music label, seeks tracks for an upcoming, FREE sampler of independent music and soundscapes. ITAV specializes in unique, handcrafted recordings, a hands-off approach to creative control and copyright ownership, and visually stunning graphic design and packaging. ITAV releases are designed to grab potential purchasers from across a room and draw them to your music.

"First-hand Accounts, Theories, and their Repercussions" will act as a calling card for ITAV, rather than a label roster compilation. In that spirit, ITAV seeks music of all forms, from traditional folk to noise. Additionally, songs which demonstrate a strong independent vein are desired, whether that is shown by experimental qualities or simply by the song's lack of slickness. "First-hand Accounts" will contain live tracks, demos and/or alternate versions and home recordings. Tracks are sought from all types of artists, famous or unknown.

Artists will retain full rights to their music. "First-hand Accounts" will be distributed FREE as an educational tool and an example of ITAV's creative expertise. For that reason, ITAV cannot offer compensation for your track, however full credits will be included in the packaging, including songwriting credits, "appears courtesy of..." messages, and/or internet resources.

ITAV is cultivating a diverse artist base for this project and for their emerging catalog. For more information and to submit your tracks, contact

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de schaaf


de schaaf

our artist-collective in antwerp (2001-2003)

 it's not my latest work ... it's where it really started for me
the click i needed to consider myself as an "artist"

it was also the first thing i made on my computer
... turned out to end up as a videoclip

frank/aka slö


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  • I like the musical score.
    - [stargrazer]
  • very nice frank!
    - [ben]

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Unleashing The Rock Poster


Here is a recently completed poster design for the Detroit-area indie/rock band Stare Into The Sun. I've always loved the interface between music and graphic design, exemplified by everything from jazz LP covers to the many wonderful rock fliers created by such genius minds as Rick Griffin and Frank Kozik

My goal was to create a poster that reflected the band's aesthetic, while at the same time tempting viewers to steal the poster for their apartment or dorm room walls. Ultimately, getting the band name out there and drawing people to gigs is the purpose of a good poster -- so we communicated extensively to make sure the final design was clearly readable and visually arresting.  This was a quick turnaround project -- Kevin from SITS contacted me on July 4 and the design was mailed July 7!

Check out Stare Into The Sun, The Black Spoons, and Tiny Amps of Corduroy Tuscadero at Hamtramck's Painted Lady (2390 Jacob), this Saturday, July 16 2005.

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  • The poster is such a community oriented design vehicle. I am currently doing a g...more
    - [Design]
  • I really enjoyed bird machine's work. Feeling very inspired...
    - [stargrazer]
  • nice poster, Peter!! I really like it!
    - [pax]
  • you can click on the poster image for a closer look.
    - [stargrazer]

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Dispatx :: Call for Submissions


Dispatx Art Collective
is calling for collaborative project proposals and submissions based on the current theme for exploration : Abandonment

We see this theme as tremendously rich in connotations both positive and negative, and are looking for collaborators to consider working with us as a part of our 'Work in Progress' area - demonstrating the process that translates creative vision into artistic output - as well as submissions of finished work aligned to the theme.

For more information, submission guidelines and schedule details, please visit

To contact us directly, please email

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Dispatx Art Collective :: Scar as Sign


Dispatx Art Collective are pleased to announce the publication of our third edition - Scar as Sign. The works making up this issue explore the theme in a diverse manner, confronting concepts from personal experience and showing their significance in a much broader sense.

Our bodies, relationships and environments are defined by information built up over time, as if there were an implicit will governing what should be preserved. Through dislocations in the storage process, wounds can be generated, and attempts to erase these wounds from our memories give rise to scarring. In their turn, lasting scars are then converted into objects of great significance. To talk of these significations is to talk not only of the object itself but also of all that it signifies. Human memory is thus made up of a tension between defects and the processes undertaken to hide them.

The edition is made up of 13 works in various media including photography, sculpture, sound and poetry. It is the result of 4 months' collaborative development of the theme by 17 different artists, and can be seen at

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  • great compilation, oliver! i am impressed with the scope and execution of dispat...more
    - [ben]
  • Ben - thanks for your comments on dispatx ... at this present time we are co...more
    - [dispatx]
  • Lots of great work! The cello piece is very striking.
    - [stargrazer]

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ANIMAL - DEAF OX *new album*


Hello fellow artists,

I recently finished my new album DEAF OX and posted it on my website for free download at:

This is my way of working around the 'standards' of the music industry.  I don't have any reviews of DEAF OX available yet, I am waiting till September to send promos out to radio and publications.  However, below are a few quotes about my last album SAWN CREATOR, which is also available for free on the same page as DEAF OX.  I had one song from that album on the JOMAS.

"...a deadpan second cousin to Lou Reed, Animal delivers still-wet-paste of rock that is what you thought you were making when you got drunk and loud in your friend’s mom’s garage and put the microphone right up to the speaker. "   -

"...sugar smacks that crackle and pop like Baby's First Casio on Ritalin."  -splendid

My website also has images of my artwork.
Aaron (aka Animal)


Arts - Music  OCC Artists  


  • Dig the cover imagery!
    - [stargrazer]
  • can't wait to hear it- congratulations aaron!
    - [ben]
  • This rocks! Are there any mp3 verions of the songs available?
    - [stargrazer]

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A Quarter-Century Celebration


Hello...  hello...

@ Lager House (1254 Michigan Ave. Detroit, MI 48226)
... near ol' Tiger Stadium

Come see me and:

Thes One (of People Under The Stairs)
Starving Artists Crew
DJ House Shoes
DJ Benny Ben
Crate Digga
DJ Superlative

... and more grace the storied rock stage with some glorious hip-hop mischief.

More details to come.  You look really awesome today.

Here's part of the press release:


On August 26th, GAMBIT THE MC (G.A.M.) is having his official 25th birthday celebration at Lager House in Detroit.  The Virgo, whose real birthday is August 30th, will have some of his friends, such as Fat Beats recording artist Starving Artists Crew, perform. 
Detroit is unlike any city in America that has a hip-hop scene.  It is chockfull of folks that consider themselves “masters of ceremony.”  GAMBIT THE MC is no exception, but he has been steadily paying his dues to make himself a household name.  He has done shows all over Michigan, opening for notable underground hip-hop artists like Quannum’s Lyrics Born and Rhymesayers’ Blueprint.
Party patrons should expect a DJ-laden roster, with rap performances by Team Double Stuf Oreo (GAMBIT and DJ Benny Ben) with special guest SelfSays and Starving Artists Crew.  DJs slated to spin are Detroit tastemaker House Shoes, People Under The Stairs’ Thes One, former college radio deejay Benny Ben and up-and-comers Crate Digga and Superlative.

Announcements  Artists  Arts - Music  News, Events and Media   


  • happy 25!
    - [ben]
  • Thanks for sharing! Hope to see some OCC'ers there!
    - [nick]

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Journal of Motion and Sound now shipping


For those of you who pre-ordered JOMAS last week, it begain arriving on door steps and mailboxes Tuesday.

For those of you who didn't pre-order, we still have a few low edition packages left with issue numbers under 50.

JOMAS is available for sale online for $35.00 USD. JOMAS includes:

  • 1 Sound CD full of Music, Poetry, and Sound Installations
  • 2 Motion DVDs of Experimental Film, Animation and Documentaries
  • Liner Notes
  • White Triple Disc Packaging with a handpainted "jomas dot logo" cover

You'll find work by Outside Circle artists such as:

Abraham Olguin, Andrew Patterson and Dustin Edwards, Animal, Anne Delmariani, Antonio Zirión, Arctic Circle, Ben Gaydos, Bryan Bickel and Scott Pruett [Init], Christopher Irvin, Dan Gorman [DanSiezure], Evie Wright / Nick Lyon, Hernán Apablaza, Hugh Hartford, Jancee Warnick [The Jancee Pornick Casino], Jenn Brigham, Ben Gaydos, Nick Gaydos and Alison Lugo, Jim Ryan and Deon Foster [], Julia Yezbick, Julie Meitz, Louis Rawlins, Meck [Featuring Jean Lee], Nayiri Bardakjian, Outside Circle Collective (vocals by Rachel Yezbick), Paul Gabel, Pilvari Pirtola, Potter-Belmar Labs, Radio Ruido, Ryan Seslow, Stargrazer, Thatshim!thatstheguy!, The Argyle Wishlist, Tim Lane, Tony Gault, Whitehorse, and Zev Robinson.

Get your copy today!

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JOMAS Release Party a success!


A big thank you to all who performed, helped set up and contributed making the Journal of Motion and Sound (JOMAS) release party a sucesss.

We debuted the each of the discs of JOMAS on the big screen, in the quieter side room as well as the listening stations.

For those of you who were not able to make it to Detroit last Friday, you missed five great performances by:

We've got a few pictures up on Flickr

 JOMAS Release Party - Tim Lane's Poetry Reading JOMAS Release Party - Calliope and Julie Meitz

If you took any pictures at the JOMAS release party, please feel free to add them to the Outside Circle Collective group photo pool. (Its free!)

The 555 Gallery was especially kind in letting Outside Circle use their space to throw the party. Please help support them and check out their upcoming shows!

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JOMAS Pre-Order!


It's almost time for the JOMAS release party!

The Journal of Motion and Sound is available for pre-order, with a special price, if purchased online before this Friday's release party at 555 arts in Detroit, jomas;series.01.
The journal features two Motion DVDs and one Sound CD in white on white handpainted packaging.

$35.00 USD - Regular Price

$30.00 USD - Pre-order price (before this Friday's release party - 6/10)

We'll start shipping on Saturday, 6/11/2005 and will send tracking numbers via email.

IMPORTANT: If you're going to be attending the release party, contact us and let us know how many copies you'd like. We'll send you a link in email to purchase through PayPal. We can save you money on shipping, by bringing them to you.

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  • Excellent job on the packaging! Good flow to the (very diverse) content as well...more
    - [stargrazer]

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JOMAS Volume 001 JOMAS Series 01
nick hooked us up with a really nice home for JOMAS. we'll be using it to promote the compilation, any "jomas; series" shows (like the one on June 10th), AND, most importantly, it'll be a great way to promote you guys! we tried to provide hyperlinks to each artist's website (if you have a site and you're not linked to it, contact us), and we'll be profiling individual artists on the site each month or so. check back often and spread the word!

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  • nick, it looks AMAZING!!! swell job!
    - [pax]
  • thanks julia! I had fun... :)
    - [nick]
  • Hi Ben, Nick and Julia, Wow... the Jomas release party was very impressive. Cong...more
    - [Tammy]

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jomas ; series.01 poster


[detail]                  [detail]                   [detail]

please help us spread the word about jomas;series.01! the three posters
together print for a meer $2.50 on kinko's large format b&w printer.
click on the images above to download or use the link below.thanks!


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  • NICE!
    - [pax]
  • update!: julia just informed me that CopyMax charges just under $1 for posters t...more
    - [ben]
  • yeah, and also, i'm printing some more flyers from home, which if you have some...more
    - [pax]

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jomas;series.01 flyer


[flyer detail]

click on the images below to download and
print jomas;series.01  flyer.


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  • nice job! thanks ben!
    - [pax]

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jomas release party!



June 10th, 2005, 8pm
555 Gallery
4884 Grand River Ave.
Detroit, MI 48208

The international artist’s collective, Outside Circle (, is celebrating the release of their first edition of the Journal of Motion and Sound (JOMAS), with an experimental media event featuring artists from the double DVD/CD compilation. The event, jomas;series.01, will feature live audio-visual performances from Potter-Belmar Labs, The Shenanigans, and Calliope (with film jockeying by Julie Meitz), DJing by Chuck Sipperley, poetry by Tim Lane, and cutting edge films from around the world. Suggested $5 donation at the door. 8pm, 06.10.05.

Hope to see you all there!


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  • yea! an event on a night i don't have to work. i can't wait to see folks again!...more
    - [Ande]
  • This is big news!
    - [nick]
  • i'll be done teaching by then and it's on a friday night! yay! i'll totally be...more
    - [Jeanne]
  • Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
    - [stargrazer]

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The Buddy System Opening


Gallery 555 - The Buddy SystemIt was great seeing so many Outside Circle artists at Gallery 555 in Detroit on Friday, May 6th. Many thanks to Joe Scott for organizing and involving so many great artists.

For those of you who missed the opening of The Buddy System, please check it out. The show is open until May 31st. (To see what you missed: Ben Gaydos and I took a few pictures of the opening and posted them to Flickr.)

For more info, Peter wrote a bit about The Buddy System a few weeks ago.

p.s. Outside Circle Collective has a group pool on Flickr that is open to anyone. Please feel free to post your pictures there. It's free and you get exposure for your work!

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Animations to While Away Your Day

Here is a collaborative animation sent to me by Chad Halsey of the political/cultural blog Shet Quaker.  Reminded me a bit of the Eames' "Powers of Ten," but from a surrealist/fantasy angle:

Here is a musical/visual one based on Coltrane sent to me by my girl Natalie, called "Giant Steps":


Arts - Design  Arts - Movies and Film  Arts - Music  Arts - Visual  Technology, Computers and Internet  


  • Those are two very cool sites. I may have liked Michal's more - probably because...more
    - [name not provided]
  • i also dug mr. levy's film a lot! great find. hope you don't mind, peter- i adde...more
    - [ben]
  • Thanks for adding the taster palette of images, Ben.
    - [stargrazer]

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