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(SCENE) Announces a Call-for-Proposals: 3D and 4D art

(SCENE) Metrospace Announces a Call-for-Proposals for a Themed Exhibit of Sculpture and Time-based Artwork

East Lansing's alternative art space, (SCENE) Metrospace announces a call-for-proposals for an upcoming exhibit of artwork which engages time and physical space. All artists over the age of 18 are invited to submit proposals. Proposals will be accepted through Friday, March 18, 2008

The exhibit, which will be displayed May 3 - June 15, 2008, is titled “3-D/4-D,” and will focus on three-dimensional and four-dimensional works of art, in other words, the gallery’s interior space will be occupied by sculpture, kinetic artworks, and hybrid artworks that explore notions of time, change, and/or physical space. Artists are invited to submit any number of pieces that explore this theme.

The “3-D/4-D” theme may be interpreted through an assortment of medias and styles including but not limited to: sculpture, performance, video, sound, graphic design, photography, collage, painting, installation, interactive or kinetic works of art, and drawing. Artwork in any media or any combination of media will be reviewed. Artists of all types are invited to submit current, original works for this exhibit.

Entry materials must include a current artist's biography and/or artist resume, as well as an artistic statement to accompany proposed artwork(s). Proposals may include images (.jpegs or .gifs) of actual or representative works, either on a CD mailed to the address above, or e-mailed to All entry materials are due Friday, March 18, 2008 in order to be considered for the exhibit (submissions with missing information cannot be considered). Artists must also include a SASE for the return of their materials. There is no entrance fee. Early submissions are encouraged.

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(SCENE) Announces A Call-For-Proposals: Mail Art

EAST LANSING, Mich. - East Lansing's alternative art space, (SCENE) Metrospace announces a call-for-proposals for an upcoming exhibit of artwork which has traveled by post.

Mail art is art which uses the postal system as a medium. Mail artists typically exchange artistic works in any medium, including but not limited to: painting, drawing, collage, graphic design, sculpture, assemblage, video- or audio-based works, conceptual works, and installations. (SCENE) presents an in-depth investigation into this artform, which evolved between the 1950s and the 1990s, and was influenced by such art movements as Dada and Fluxus. The size and scope of each artwork depends on the artist.

For (SCENE)’s exhibit, the following definitions of Mail Art will be observed:

1. v. Like a message in a bottle mediated by the sea, so mail art switches hands and is thus transformed. 2. n. The last object touched by one’s self, representing one’s self for another to hold. 3. n. An artwork that considers the journey as much as the destination.

Artists of all types are invited to submit current, original works for this exhibit. The exhibit will take place from January 11, 2008 through February 24, 2008. All entry materials are due Friday, December 14, 2007, in order to be considered for exhibit. Early submissions are encouraged. Actual works must be received no later than Friday, January 4, 2008.

Entry materials must include a current artist's biography and/or artist resume, as well as an artistic statement to accompany the proposed artwork(s). Proposals may include images (.jpegs or .gifs) of actual or representative works, either on a CD mailed to the address below, or e-mailed to

For more information, please contact Peter Richards at (517) 319-6832 or visit

(SCENE) Metrospace Gallery
c/o Peter Richards, director
410 Abbott Road
East Lansing, MI 48823

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Films 4 [Conservation]


Our good friends, Nick Lyon and Evie Wright, have just initiated a wonderful web-based resource for conservation, photography and film/video.  Nick and Evie (who contributed an audio piece on jomas v.1) created Cockroach Productions nearly 2 years ago and have since made a huge impact with their work. They almost singled handly changed the UK's Palm Oil market from one that encourages the destruction of Indonesia's rainforests and orangutan habitats to a sustainable one. Their new initiative is a hub for conservation media, wildlife film and photography with  specialized pages in ape, tiger and elephant conservation. From Nick & Evie: is an experimental resource for conservationists, filmmakers and photographers dedicated to conservation of our enviroment and wildlife [ed]. Currently running as a BETA test.

The idea of this site is that it becomes a lively and dynamic first port of call for your daily web browsing. We aim to collect all the news that you find most interesting and which will be kept up to date with RSS web feeds.

We are trying to make the most of the beauty of the internet and the democratisation of information through new ways of finding information and spreading it. We encourage conservation groups to take advantage of free internet tools available to them to spread their message - not just through their own websites - but through others like this - do you have a blog? do you run RSS feeds? if you don't you are missing out on the chance to reach new audiences and supporters. Have a look at the live news feeds below to find out why.

We are also trying to make available some of the most exciting media available - video - this can be locally or internationally targetted - but if you have educational conservation videos available online then tell us about it so we can collect them here.

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back in the attic again!


tim lane has decided to resurrect the attic!
Dear Friends,
I have found a new home for the attic which is desire.  We'll see how this works out.  I don't think that I'm going to post old work.  I don't know how often I'll have work to post.  But when I do have new work, I'll post it.
I guess that this is going to be more of a portfolio than anything, a lot less perhaps than what the attic used to be.  We'll see.

bless you, tim.

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Repercusiones y Resonancias


The 2nd Annual Journeys of Visual Anthropology
A week long event featuring:
  • The independent documentary movement against the new Radio and TV National Law.
  • Documentary, memory and social movements.
  • Institutional programs that promote viusal anthropology.
  • Visual anthropology and religion.
  • Anthropological photography and photojournalism.
  • From documentary to video-art and the philosophy of images.
  • Screenings of mexican contemporary ethnographic documentaries  (including Q&A sesions with the directors and comments by anthropologists)
  • Opening: "In the pit" by Juan Carlos Rulfo, comments by Nestor Garcia Canclini
  • Perspectives: A photo exhibition by Jose Carlo Gonzalez
  • La Revolucion imaginada: A traditional votive paintings exhibition by Alfredo Vilchis
From August 14th to August 18th. Nacional School of Anthropology and History, Mexico City.
View program here.


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julie @ electromind.


VISUEL 01.jpg
props to
julie meitz for showing other expats how it's done. jullie is a vj/fj originally from detroit, was on OCC's [ jomas ] compilation, and lent her impressive film jockeying skills to our release party last june. she moved shortly thereafter to lyon, france and has been keeping busy since.
she emailed the flyer for her most recent gig, Electromind, to me last week and i mistakenly thought the date was in august, and hadn't posted it yet. so, yes it's too late to get tickets. but you can still marvel at the impressive line-up. and next time you're in france, see if julie's playing.

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UN Millenium Goals


“” Last week I participated in a poster workshop at the ICOGRADA design conference. Each participant was to create a poster for one of the UN's 8 Millenium Development Goals (of which nearly all hadn't heard of prior to, and was an expert on after). While there were some obvious hurdles in both the project and the workshop itself, the final posters were impressive and powerful, and turned out to be one of the most gratifying and productive aspects of the entire conference.

Please visit the workshop website and help spread the word about these important issues.

Poster Workshop Site

UN Millenium Development Goals

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  • check out speak up's review of the conference here:
    - [ben]
  • quite awesome! I spent some time browsing this site and was both impressed and...more
    - [stargrazer]

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"Anger: the Best Medicine" exhibit opens this Friday!

Image Hosted by

... also including a late arrival, a brand new sculpture by Matt Cygnet which will stop you in your tracks.

WHERE:  SCENE Metrospace Gallery, 303 Abbott Rd., East Lansing, MI 48823

WHEN:  6-9 P.M., Friday July 21

WHAT:  An opening reception featuring poetry by Nicolas Hampton and other local voices, refreshments, and mingling artists.  FREE and open to the public, however space is limited...

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CD Release March 25 / "They Die In Movies"


Saturday, March 25th at Scene Metrospace Gallery, bear witness to the culmination of months of labor and love...

They Die In Movies is a narrative-based installation produced and directed by Jeni Mc, featuring fashions by Berry Noxon, and photography by Cody Hinze and Juan Beltran.  It is film-themed and has been variously described as "a movie that never happened" and "a look through a director's eye."  The exhibit takes place during the East Lansing Film Festival and continues on through May 13.

Simultaneously, It Takes A Village To Make Records will release the much-anticipated "First-Hand Accounts, Theories & Their Repercussions" CD compilation.  A double-length album on one CD, FHATATR is a genre-hopping collection of original independent music from all over the country.

The CD release will feature a giant mix CD swap!  Bring your own homemade mix CD to trade for a copy of the compilation CD -- other than that, it's FREE!  Bring an extra copy of your mix to trade with other release party-goers...

There will also be performances by Rai and Canada, as well as a screening of "Hello and Goodbye" by Detroit's Test Pattern Pictures.

We thank "They Die In Movies" for graciously hosting our CD release.

See you there!


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  • congratulations on the release!
    - [ben]

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OCC's first big event in VA a success!


OCC's first event in Virginia was a big success!! The opening reception for "Waiting..." had a great turn-out and got press coverage in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  We have had 2 pieces sold already and the owner of the restaurant has agreed to donate 10% of the sales of any of the artwork to the next show!! So keep an eye out for the next exhibit featuring artwork by people in the food-service industry... (it may be called: "Still waiting...").

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  • Awesome! The glimpses look cool, wish I was there...wish you were here for that...more
    - [stargrazer]
  • check out this related link that a friend sent me!
    - [pax]

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One of our OCC members has hit the airwaves.  Whether you're on your way to work or just up really early, check out DJ Nayiri's great selection on Freeform Monday mornings from 6-9am, or catch it online at WCBN (88.3 FM in Ann Arbor).

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Cir*cus/ Car*ni*val

(SCENE) Metrospace Debuts “Cir•cus/Car•ni•val” Exhibition Friday, November 18, 2005

EAST LANSING, Mich.— (SCENE) Metrospace announces the opening of its latest exhibition, “Cir•cus/Car•ni•val” on Friday, Nov. 18. “Cir•cus/Car•ni•val” explores the imagination, oddities, animals, wonder, excitement, and misfortunes of the events that have become a cultural tradition: the Circus and the Carnival.

The 12 local and national artists participating in “Cir•cus/Car•ni•val” each explore diverse aspects of the events through various medias and themes:

• New Jersey based photographer Melanie
Heinrich has spent over 30 years of her life documenting behind the scenes of the carnival will display her prints and documentary.

• Beulah based Tara Hackett’s mixed media paintings capture the charm and history of the traveling circus and carnival throughout the 50's and 60's.

• Krys Tourtois, a Lansing based artist will explore an unromanticized and often overlooked aspect of the carnival experience in her paintings of sideshow women.

• Detroit based Carl Oxley explores a happy-go-lucky and exciting view in his colorful pop-art paintings.

• Ann Arbor based Amanda Miller will display her mystifying freak show paintings.

• Lansing based artist Tim Lane will display a quirky and fun carnival game installation.

• Farmington Hills based mosaic artist Ellen Stern expresses an imaginative spin on the circus with her ceramic, fiber, and installation works.

• Highland and Detroit based artists Chris Sandon and Jason Lee Starin will team up to make humorous psychedelic folk art that illustra
tes the stranger side of the events.

• Saginaw based artist Janie Peters will uncover a darker aspect of the circus and carnival, the mistreatment of animals, with her mixed media sculpture.

• Lansing based artist John Kroneman will explore his personal roots to the circus with paintings of his ancestors.

• Columbia, MO based artist Claudia Drake uses digital collage, fusing together antique engravings into her own juxtapositions to express her vision of the carnival.

“Cir•cus/Car•ni•val” opens with a free public reception at (SCENE) Metrospace on Friday, Nov. 18 from 6-10 p.m. The reception will feature a special circus-themed performace from Lansing spacerock favorites, Calliope. Circus and carnival themes events, games, and excitement will take place
all throughout the evening. All food will be graciously provided by Spartan Signature Catering. All ages are welcome, costumes are encouraged, and space is limited.

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  • nice poster ben!
    - [stargrazer]
  • Opening's this Friday!
    - [stargrazer]

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The Museo del Estado in Morelia, Mexico is holding an exhibition of the work of Antonio Zirión entitled Pasos, en homenaje a Henri Cartier-Bresson. Antonio is an active member of OCC, contributing work to both 03/05 issues of JOWAI and the 05 issue of JOMAS. Congratulations Antonio!

Click on the image at right to view.

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  • ¡Las felicitaciones, Antonio!
    - [stargrazer]

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The Buddy System - take two

 If you happened to  miss the first Buddy System show in May, you now have the opportunity to catch it again!  This time (Scene) Metrospace will be hosting the group of 14 local and international artists.  Located at 303 Abbott Rd, East Lansing, the opening is TONIGHT (Friday Sept. 9) from 6-9pm.

Artists featured in the exhibit include: Peter Richards, Tim Lane, Joe Scott, Andrea Eckert, Mike Clark, Aaron Curtner, John Lindenmayer, Jenny Mc, Travis Pickard, Kellie Pickard, George Rahme, Ben Gaydos, Matt Cygnet, Ana Kamiar.

 From the State News: (SCENE) Metrospace, 303 Abbott Road, will host a reception at 6 p.m. on Friday for the opening of "The Buddy System." Many of the local artists' plan on attending. Jon Howard of the musical group Rattling Wall Collective will be on turntables. Light refreshments will be served.

Kruch said this exhibit is very important for East Lansing because of the impact these artists have made on the area and the variety of their artwork.

"People that normally go to galleries will probably walk in a say, 'What a mess,' but that's what we like about it."

painting on left: Peter Richards/ painting on right: Andrea Eckert

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  • The image seems to be missing!
    - [stargrazer]
  • ...yet clicking on it links to my weblog, that's kinda fun!
    - [stargrazer]

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Detroit @ 00:00:55 at the Detroit Film Center

FLAK is hosting a second viewing of "Detroit @ 00:00:55" at the Detrot Film Center.  55 films 55 seconds long about Detroit created by artists, architects, videographers and students.

Come out Saturday night, September 10th, to the DFC.  Doors are at 7pm, film starts at 8pm.
DFC is located at 1227 Washington Blvd. (two blocks W. of Woodward, one block S. of Grand River)

From your friends at

Look out for "Detroit @ 00:00:55 This Time It's Personal"  winter '06.  Call for entries out soon.
 Detroit@00:00:55 Image Detroit@00:00:55

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"02890" Bankley Gallery Show


An exhibition of nine emerging graduate artists based in Belfast. ‘02890’ is a mixed bag.

The artist’s works are not bound to one another; rather they point in differing directions, addressing contemporary subjectivity.

They demonstrate how societies structures and codes are embodied in the urban environment and the vulnerability of the individual played out through a complexity of narratives, sounds and images.

10th September to the 30th September 2005

Private View Friday 9th September 7-9 pm
Open Saturday 10th 12 till 4pm

Other times by appointment on:
07773 369 465 (24hrs in advance)

Bankley Studios Gallery
Bankley House, Bankley Street, Levenshulme, Manchester, England

[via Paul Stanley, thanks!]

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ANIMAL - DEAF OX *new album*


Hello fellow artists,

I recently finished my new album DEAF OX and posted it on my website for free download at:

This is my way of working around the 'standards' of the music industry.  I don't have any reviews of DEAF OX available yet, I am waiting till September to send promos out to radio and publications.  However, below are a few quotes about my last album SAWN CREATOR, which is also available for free on the same page as DEAF OX.  I had one song from that album on the JOMAS.

"...a deadpan second cousin to Lou Reed, Animal delivers still-wet-paste of rock that is what you thought you were making when you got drunk and loud in your friend’s mom’s garage and put the microphone right up to the speaker. "   -

"...sugar smacks that crackle and pop like Baby's First Casio on Ritalin."  -splendid

My website also has images of my artwork.
Aaron (aka Animal)


Arts - Music  OCC Artists  


  • Dig the cover imagery!
    - [stargrazer]
  • can't wait to hear it- congratulations aaron!
    - [ben]
  • This rocks! Are there any mp3 verions of the songs available?
    - [stargrazer]

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Poems of Loss and Desperation


Paintings and Poetry
Travis Pickard and Tim Lane

July - 26 August

Reception for the artists:
Friday, July 8, 5-9pm

Visit the Susan Hensel Gallery

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  • you can see Travis and Tim's photos from hanging the show at www.theatticwhichis...more
    - [stargrazer]

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Journal of Motion and Sound now shipping


For those of you who pre-ordered JOMAS last week, it begain arriving on door steps and mailboxes Tuesday.

For those of you who didn't pre-order, we still have a few low edition packages left with issue numbers under 50.

JOMAS is available for sale online for $35.00 USD. JOMAS includes:

  • 1 Sound CD full of Music, Poetry, and Sound Installations
  • 2 Motion DVDs of Experimental Film, Animation and Documentaries
  • Liner Notes
  • White Triple Disc Packaging with a handpainted "jomas dot logo" cover

You'll find work by Outside Circle artists such as:

Abraham Olguin, Andrew Patterson and Dustin Edwards, Animal, Anne Delmariani, Antonio Zirión, Arctic Circle, Ben Gaydos, Bryan Bickel and Scott Pruett [Init], Christopher Irvin, Dan Gorman [DanSiezure], Evie Wright / Nick Lyon, Hernán Apablaza, Hugh Hartford, Jancee Warnick [The Jancee Pornick Casino], Jenn Brigham, Ben Gaydos, Nick Gaydos and Alison Lugo, Jim Ryan and Deon Foster [], Julia Yezbick, Julie Meitz, Louis Rawlins, Meck [Featuring Jean Lee], Nayiri Bardakjian, Outside Circle Collective (vocals by Rachel Yezbick), Paul Gabel, Pilvari Pirtola, Potter-Belmar Labs, Radio Ruido, Ryan Seslow, Stargrazer, Thatshim!thatstheguy!, The Argyle Wishlist, Tim Lane, Tony Gault, Whitehorse, and Zev Robinson.

Get your copy today!

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JOMAS Release Party a success!


A big thank you to all who performed, helped set up and contributed making the Journal of Motion and Sound (JOMAS) release party a sucesss.

We debuted the each of the discs of JOMAS on the big screen, in the quieter side room as well as the listening stations.

For those of you who were not able to make it to Detroit last Friday, you missed five great performances by:

We've got a few pictures up on Flickr

 JOMAS Release Party - Tim Lane's Poetry Reading JOMAS Release Party - Calliope and Julie Meitz

If you took any pictures at the JOMAS release party, please feel free to add them to the Outside Circle Collective group photo pool. (Its free!)

The 555 Gallery was especially kind in letting Outside Circle use their space to throw the party. Please help support them and check out their upcoming shows!

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Deadline Approaching for mini-JOWAI .02


Poets Needed...

Poets of all types are sought for publication in [mini] JOWAI .02, the second pocket-size journal of words and images from OCC.  Unleash your muse!

Artists Needed...

Painters, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers and mixed media artists are sought for publication in [mini] JOWAI .02.  3-D artists are encouraged to submit photographs, documentation or diagrams of their work.  Expose your creativity!

Writers Needed...

original non-fiction, essays, short fiction, journalism, excerpts of longer stories and experimental prose are sought for publication in [mini] JOWAI .02.  Tantalize our audience!

Deadline June 15, 2005 

[mini] JOWAI* is a free, pocket-size publication of Outside Circle Collective showcasing the work of creative individuals.  It is made available to the worldwide public through generous people like yourself who print the journal from the internet and place it on their favorite public countertops and information racks.  [mini] JOWAI seeks submissions for Volume 2, which will be published mid-summer 2005.

Want to see your creative work published?  Send your stories, poems, essays, musings, graphics, paintings, photos, drawings, etc. to JOWAI for the next issue!

  • entries should be sent to
  • registered OCC membership is encouraged (it's FREE, after all, and we'll be promoting your creative efforts for free, as well).  Register at .
  • entries should be text (.txt) files for poetry or prose, TIFF (.tif) files (or high-quality .jpegs) for artwork or photography. 
  • All images should be at least 200 dpi.
  • entries should be suitable for black-and-white reproduction
  • additional instructions should accompany the artwork or text in an attached e-mail
  • please include your full name, geographic location, and e-mail address
  • you will retain full copyright of all your work

Tell your friends and colleagues!

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A Piece of Pickard.


Travis Pickard is heading Southwest soon and is having a "Moving to New Mexico" Art sale at the Lansing Art GalleryJune 4 to June 17th. The last day is a silent auction ala’ “no reasonable offer refused” June 17th from 4-6pm. Please join! The address: 113 S Washington Square Lansing MI 48933Travis is currently showing in Skin Deep at (Scene) Metrospace (303 Abbott Road, East Lansing, MI). Show hangs til August 14th.If that's not enough, the City Pulse newspaper just wrote about Travis...

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  • a "revealing" look at Travis in City Pulse!
    - [stargrazer]

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JOMAS Pre-Order!


It's almost time for the JOMAS release party!

The Journal of Motion and Sound is available for pre-order, with a special price, if purchased online before this Friday's release party at 555 arts in Detroit, jomas;series.01.
The journal features two Motion DVDs and one Sound CD in white on white handpainted packaging.

$35.00 USD - Regular Price

$30.00 USD - Pre-order price (before this Friday's release party - 6/10)

We'll start shipping on Saturday, 6/11/2005 and will send tracking numbers via email.

IMPORTANT: If you're going to be attending the release party, contact us and let us know how many copies you'd like. We'll send you a link in email to purchase through PayPal. We can save you money on shipping, by bringing them to you.

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  • Excellent job on the packaging! Good flow to the (very diverse) content as well...more
    - [stargrazer]

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JOMAS Volume 001 JOMAS Series 01
nick hooked us up with a really nice home for JOMAS. we'll be using it to promote the compilation, any "jomas; series" shows (like the one on June 10th), AND, most importantly, it'll be a great way to promote you guys! we tried to provide hyperlinks to each artist's website (if you have a site and you're not linked to it, contact us), and we'll be profiling individual artists on the site each month or so. check back often and spread the word!

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  • nick, it looks AMAZING!!! swell job!
    - [pax]
  • thanks julia! I had fun... :)
    - [nick]
  • Hi Ben, Nick and Julia, Wow... the Jomas release party was very impressive. Cong...more
    - [Tammy]

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