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Community Weblog - [ Employment and Work ]

San José State University's BFA Graphic Design Show

San José State University's BFA Graphic Design program proudly invites
you to PREFLIGHT: a three-day-only design exhibition featuring the
innovative, passionate design of 2007's graduating class.

Works Gallery
451 South First Street
San José CA 95113

Tuesday May 15, 6–9pm (reception)
Wednesday May 16, 6–9pm (reception)
Thursday May 17, 12–9pm (open gallery)

This free event is open to the public.
Refreshments and music will be provided.

get all the info at:

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Service-Works Grants

This came in via Louis Rawlins:

"My name is Josh Greene. I am a 34 - year old artist and waiter. Service-Works is my own foundation that is designed to bridge the gap between my art career and my service industry career. Each month I dedicate one night’s worth of my tips to fund a project. For the past twelve years I have been doing art projects while making a living waiting tables. I currently work as a captain (quite similar to a waiter) in a fine-dining restaurant in San Francisco."

The deadline for February is the 21st, however there is one grant per month (of around $250).

I think this is a great idea (and ties directly into "Waiting...", which opened yesterday.)

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Cir*cus/Car*ni*val :: Call for Entries


(SCENE) Metrospace Announces Call To Artists for "Cir*cus/Car*ni*val" Exhibition
August 2, 2005

EAST LANSING, Mich.- East Lansing's alternative art space, (SCENE) Metrospace announces a call to artists for an upcoming exhibit entitled "Cir*cus/Car*ni*val" to be held at (SCENE) Metrospace in Nov. 2005. All artists over the age of 18 are invited to participate. Artist applications will be accepted through Sept. 30.

(SCENE) Metrospace is looking for artists whose work incorporates circus or carnival themes or subject matter that relates to the cultural tradition of the circus and the carnival.  Installations and performance event proposals are preferred, however artwork in any media will be reviewed, including but not limited to, painting, drawing, sculpture, video, and sound.

To apply, artists must submit images or documentation representative of the work to be exhibited, a description of your project idea, an artistic statement and/or a resume. Artists must also include an SASE for the return of their materials.  There is no entrance fee.  Please send your information to: (SCENE) Metrospace, C/O Emma Kruch, Coordinator, 410 Abbott Road, East Lansing, MI 48823. Application deadline is Sept. 30, 2005.

(SCENE) Metrospace is located at 303 Abbott Road, at the Albert Street intersection and is open Fridays from 6-9 p.m., Saturdays from 6-9 p.m., and Sundays from 1-4 p.m. during scheduled exhibits.  For more information, please contact Emma Kruch at (517) 319-6832.

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anyone can rock the party.


vice magazine's
guide to djing, covering the essentials: technique, gear, perks and etiquette.

by amy kellner

You know that thing called DJing? Playing records in bars or at stupid art openings for money? Guess what DJing is? The biggest fucking bullshit con of all time! People who get over as DJs are making the easiest money ever, because they've convinced every PR person and club owner in the world that they're doing something only a few natural-born geniuses can do. It's laughable. A 70-year-old blind Ethiopian leper with 10 broken fingers can "spin" just as well as any B-list celebrity at any instore party for some gay snowboarding jeans company. I promise[...]

I've been making loads of supplementary income by DJing for a few years now, and I can barely even scratch my own back. All you really need is a CD burner, Kazaa, and passably cool taste in music. Here, I'll tell you all about my life as a party DJ[...]

click here for the full article.

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  • djs aint shit but hos and tricks
    - [Ande]
  • cool purple bowling ball vinyl.
    - [stargrazer]

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Art Serve Michigan

  # is a good resource for Michigan-based artists.

Their mission:

ArtServe Michigan supports and advocates for the arts and cultural education in the state of Michigan. ArtServe Michigan accomplishes its mission by working with artists, educators, cultural organizations, businesses, volunteers and others through statewide programs, services and a variety of collaborative efforts.

Register online for Michigan Artist Directory's free monthly email listing of competitions, commissions, grants, calls for entries and job opportunities.

Visit the gallery/members pages.

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  • one problem i have with the Michigan Artist Directory is that is essentially a &...more
    - [ben]
  • This also means that anyone with $40 can be a member. Not to be elitist, but th...more
    - [stargrazer]
  • What I mean to say is that good art comes from all income levels, not just those...more
    - [stargrazer]

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...and so do you

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

To see a logo I designed (and to learn about a dedicated, non-partisan "get out the vote" effort) check out This non-profit, started barely two months ago, has been registering new voters and educating citizens on the how, where and when of voting in the 20 Lansing precincts which had the lowest voter turnout last election. Read about them and find out how you can get involved!

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  • damn straight. grass roots at its best.
    - [ben]
  • nice logo peter. love the design of the house. now if we only had someone wort...more
    - [Ande]
  • there is now a .pdf file of Lansing Voters Matter's bifold brochure (also design...more
    - [stargrazer]
  • Every one of the precincts LVM organized in registered at least a 3% voter turno...more
    - [stargrazer]

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Hi all! Sorry its been ages since I've posted anything, but I've been in Nepal shooting a documentary for my masters... anyways, a friend of mine told me about a great resource for independent filmmakers called: Shooting People,and although its sardonic humor doesn't always make you smile in the current political state of the world, its really a great database for anyone interested in filmmaking. It is based in England but they started a branch in NY a year ago... and here's a sample of the sorts of things you'll find on their website:

The Reel Deal
From: Matthew Glasson <matthew*at*>

  NYC's independent film showcase, The Reel Deal, is now accepting submissions
  for the next series of episodes beginning on Thursday, August 12.  The Reel
  Deal is a 30 minute program started late last year as a new television forum
  for independent film and video shorts to be broadcast to the borough of
  Manhattan.  In addition, the episodes have had live screenings at various
  venues for the filmmakers and other good folk.
  In preparation for the next series of episodes, Reel Deal is now open for any
  and all short film submissions.  Works can be of any sort or origin:
  animated, documentary, drama, experimental just so long as they were done
  independently!     It's absolutely free to submit - up to three shorts at one
  time.  Put your shorts on either mini-DV or DVD and send to this like so...
  The Reel Deal
  78 Norman Ave., 1st Floor
  Brooklyn, NY 11222
  get out your dusty cameras and send me your shorts
  Matthew Glasson

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trying to make your filmmaking profitable?


for all you out there beginning to feel the suffocating pressures of the "real world" creeping up on you, and knowing that if you must enter this frenzy of the world of work, it might as well be doing something fun...  here's a list of websites compiled by a friend of mine with helpful information for entering the filmmaking industry, or doing freelance work (mostly specific to the UK):


documentary filmmaker's group 



production base


Employment and Work  


  • thanks jules. very handy...
    - [ben]

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only because she is too modest


here is a starting point for some of jean's music (a little teacher portfolio, so to speak).  there are only a few samples from meck, but more from her piano recital is soon to come (and i think i have a minidisc with some violin, drum and weed whip somewhere from the fort wendy days, if i could only get jean, ben and tod to sign off on it!)

senior recital

p.s. your piano recital was brilliant, jeanne.  anyone who was there, knows!

now if we only had more server space!

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  • ande any music that i was involved in that includes a weed whipper needs to be h...more
    - [ben]
  • what's a weed whipper? i don't remember playing with any..........
    - [Jeanne]
  • jean- a weed whipper is a mechanized garden tool that disperses unwanted growth...more
    - [ben]
  • Just wanted to say, as a witness of Jean's recital, that she played some beautif...more
    - [stargrazer]

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the future is now


In 1969 Charles Eames sketched out a rough visualization of the design process for an exhibition at the Lourve called "what is design?". It consisted of three loose amoeba-like graphical elements floating in the void of his sketchpad, overlapping, intersecting, and connecting to create the most idyllic representation of what design should be. The three layered forms respectively constitute the interests and concerns of the designer, the genuine interest of the client, and concerns of society as a whole. Where the subsets intersect lies the common ground where designers can work with "conviction and enthusiasm". Like much of the Eames' work, the beauty is found in the objects' duality. Floating gorgeously in clarity and in the absence of pretense... churning below are the complexities brought not only by the designer and the client, but society as well. We as designers are given the daunting task of mapping the blurred sovereignty where morals, economics, and personal goals intersect.

We are at the beginning of a new epoch of human viability, where all economies and ecologies are becoming globalized, related and integrated. More than any other discipline, design has placed us, for better of for worse, in this position. More directly, for the last 100 years it has been graphic design acting as the purveyor, instigator, and documentarian of cultural change. Increasingly, however, graphic design has been depreciating its stock as an art form by making itself available primarily as a commercial tool. This, paired with the narrow selection of creative instruments (primarily software), which we allow ourselves to use contributes to the disposable conduit that makes up the majority of design encountered daily. Craft and vocation are left behind, leaving the mass media with unchallenging and comfortable design for the people. We must seek to create work that is both visually and cognitively demanding, but emotionally and intellectually rewarding.

By falsifying our skills as creative artists and knowingly swimming out to the undertow
of an 'autistic economy', where unemployment, inequality, and globalization prevail, finding the area where the "designer can work with determination and enthusiasm" becomes all the more difficult. We designers will not find it alone. Working with colleagues both in and outside of the realm of visual communications cultivates understanding. Collaborating with other fields such as semiotics, social anthropology and linguistics, we educate ourselves in the cultural values that give worth to human life. We must seek to understand, study, and challenge how visual communication determines and reinforces cultural values.

The collective conscious of the design community is beginning to reevaluate its societal role. In his essay published by the American Institute of Graphic Arts, The Citizen Designer, Rick Poyner states, "We must ensure that design, as an interdisciplinary way of thinking, becomes an integral and equal component of significant public initiatives." melding such initiatives with our clients ideals and our morals, we can better all parties involved. Through these means Eames' pluperfect land seems all the more attainable. This is what we must seek.

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  • Ben, a very thought-provoking assessment!"Do not commit design in a vacuu...more
    - [stargrazer]
  • I like the use of this space for essays and comentary.
    - [nick]

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MY Idea

A Page In My Book


my experiment

one year long

Creativity of all types

short stories, photos, art, poems, etc...

You have one page to fill with anything you desire

send your ideas to

one submission will be picked daily for 365 days



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  • mary ann, i took a digital photo of your flyer. if you would like to post it to...more
    - [ben]
  • This is a great idea! Are there any other criteria (i.e. one page per contribut...more
    - [stargrazer]

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At the Drive-in


While at the PB last night, Noah brought up that he has always wanted to own a drive-in theater. I shared a dream of mine, to mount a projector in the back of a convertible and drive around, searching for blank white walls where an impromptu film-fest could be perpetrated. Ande had the great idea of having a second vehicle, like those trucks that have billboards for sides that can be rented out for ads. What if, he asked, those billboards were painted white?

Well, with visions of these two unique vehicles driving around the country, showing cool films, and promoting creativity, we are left with only two needs: drivers.

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  • I like both ideas, but I'm sort of drawn more to the idea of using walls and exi...more
    - [name not provided]
  • i thought that the roving billboard would serve two purposes: 1) to bring fil...more
    - [Ande]
  • Existing surfaces would be an interesting challenge...think of all those white b...more
    - [stargrazer]
  • Kind of reminds me of Books on Wheels, or whatever those nomadic libraries are c...more
    - [name not provided]
  • Ouch! It does remind me of the Artruck, which was a sort of musuem on wheels...more
    - [stargrazer]
  • I think live actors would be too much for such an engagement. (Odds are, you'd p...more
    - [name not provided]
  • There's got to be grant money out there for something like this.
    - [stargrazer]
  • We staged our first Drive-in this past weekend on the sheet-metal sides of a bar...more
    - [stargrazer]

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