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AUTHORLESS: a musical project losing its identity


The Authorless Project offers 10 song demos by Stargrazer.  It is the proposal of The Authorless Project that interested musicians, writers, and recording artists of all genres, ages, and backgrounds treat these "root" demos as if they were their own:  free reign is given to re-record, rearrange, re-write or re-mix the root demos. 

ROUND ONE:  In the first round of Authorless, these ten demos will be distributed to ten musicians of all stripes and experience.  These first-rounders are free to re-record – or even re-write – any or all of the songs.  They can focus on just one song, split songs into more than one song, or combine songs.  They are free to "cover" a song in their own style – or to work with only the existing root recordings.  They're welcome to mix-and-match, cut-and-paste, stir, augment, fracture or alter the entire context of the song (or songs).  It can become a string quartet or black metal.  It can be deconstructed into obscurity, or lovingly/roughly translated into any mood(s) that suits the participants.  Heck, you can turn an instrumental into spoken word if you want! 

The catch is, you only have two months to complete your part of the project.  If you don't have the time, just aren't feeling it, or don't want to participate for any reason, just pass the root demos along to someone else. 

ROUND TWO:  After the first sixty days, our next round begins.  Round One picks whomever they want to be in Round Two.  The new recordings and all the root demos are passed on to the next set of authors, and the same rules apply:  Anything goes.  Preserve the song, augment someone's ideas, or mutate it.  After another sixty days, all the results, plus the results of round one and the root demos, are passed on to the Round Three participants.

ROUND THREE – ROUND SIX: Same as the preceding rounds.

ROUND SEVEN:  All recordings from rounds 1-6, plus the original root demos, are sent to Satellite Park Studios for Paul Roessler (The Screamers/Nina Hagen/45 Grave/and tons of fine SST Bands) to sort through, mix, add and subtract from, and finally master into the final "Authorless" album.  Who knows what amazing forms these little seedling songs will grow into?

Artwork by Travis Pickard has been licensed to augment the final AUTHORLESS recordings.

To participate in ROUND ONE of AUTHORLESS, contact Peter at:  stargrazer {at} gmail {dotcom}.  ROUND ONE begins July 1, 2008.

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Sleeping and Dreaming


The_nightmare_martin_johann_schmidtThe Wellcome Collection, a gallery in London, is hosting an exhibition on "Sleeping & Dreaming."

This seems to be a perfect fit for an organization that focuses on Medicine Life and Art.

Themes include:

  • Dead Tired
  • Traces of Sleep
  • Dream Worlds
  • Elusive Sleep
  • A World Without Sleep?

The show runs November 29th, 2007 through March 9th, 2008 and is free to the public.
Gallery: 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE

[cross posted on thynk]

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Eminent Domain | Appropriation in Creative Practice

Dispatx Art Collective | Curatorial Platform
Eminent Domain examines notions of blockage, recourse and resistance that can emerge in diverse contexts – and what it can mean when these manifestations are channelled into artistic product.

The seventh collection of Dispatx Art Collective includes works developed by visual artists, musicians, writers, dancers and performance artists. The collection, which can be seen in Show, includes works developed online as part of the site as well as submissions of completed work related to the theme. In addition, and as a part of an ongoing investigation of curatorial practice, the Eminent Domain forum will remain open throughout the duration of this collection.

The curatorial narrative is best articulated through a correspondance between various readings. While projects such as Hospital 106 4º1ª by Jordi Canudas and Isabel Banal and Someone Called Me... by Emma Wilcox are the works which most directly address the theme at hand, projects such as Green Screen by Neil Chapman and David Stent, or Ellen Zweig’s My Language Overwhelms Her Text, use literary fiction to generate multiple attempts and points of inflection.

We are also pleased to announce the start of exploration of works related to the theme Appropriation in Creative Practice, which can be followed over the coming six months in Make. These pieces, including works by Sandra Gamarra, Scott MacLeod, Åsa Ståhl and Adad Hannah, also include among them the projects funded through our inaugural commissions program. The completed collection will be published in March 2008.

We are open for submissions of completed work until the 26th of January 2008. For more information:

About Dispatx
Dispatx Art Collective is the leading curatorial platform for the development and presentation of contemporary art and literature. Make is a showcase for work in progress related to the current theme, Appropriation in Creative Practice. Projects are developed online via integrated documentation tools allowing artists to post regular updates to their work in a continuous investigation of the creative method.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license | ISSN 1750-9505

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hello friends,
artists in antwerp are losing room to move every day, please share your wisdom and dreams at

Dear friend of de muziekdoos
The first 'tmuziekdooscollectief meeting was a success, there was music, brainstorming, wine...
onboard were Frank, Jef, Jan, Inneke23, Stafke, Wim and Karo, Hans and Lieve. also a quick cameo by Etienne
Thanks to all for showing up!

This is what we came up with after several bottles of wine and lots of gracious sounds:

The general idea
• Keep the muziekdoos spirit alive – a place where there are instruments, amps, where everyone can come and play/jam/rehearse/experiment and maybe most importantly, meet likeminded people.
• Convince people of the importance of this muziekdoos-spirit if we want to keep real honest music alive. A place-to-be for musicians, poëts and other creative minds and friends. Cross pollination at its best.
• MySpace will be used to promote our ideas, announce upcoming events, find contacts and supporters, post pictures, movies, art, poetry, etc
• A mobile acoustic setup is a temporary solution to keep this spirit alive. This setup could move to different locations and ideally, Etienne could be there too to play his wonderful tunes, serve the drinks and give usefull/useless comments on the live music : ) If the weather is fine, this location can be outdoors (we allready baptised the boarders of the scheldt at the sint-michielsstraat)
• Organize larger events (mini festivals) on different locations where bands can perform and a free podium is available. Get festival promotors/sponsors involved.
• Make a presentation that clearly outlines our plan and try to involve the culture department of Antwerp.
• Search a VZW that wants to be involved in organising events for us. (Creating a VZW ourselves is not a good plan).

• We also will continue to collect money with the mobiele muziekdoos to help Etienne to pay the state.
This about rounds up what was discussed and what 'tmuziekdooscollectief stands for.

spring is in the air

1 - 2 - jump


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Cassette Culture


Leaderless: Underground Cassette Culture Now
Exhibition on view from May 12 – May 26, 2007
Opening Reception and Book Launch: Saturday, May 12, 5 – 7 PM

Printed Matter, Inc. is pleased to announce an exhibition surveying contemporary American cassette culture. Leaderless: Underground Cassette Culture Now will open on May 12 and run through May 26. Printed Matter is located at 195 Tenth Avenue at 22nd Streets.

From bedrooms and dorm rooms, garages and dingy basements, Printed Matter and Heavy Tapes have gathered the leaders of the American underground tape culture movement—a geographically and generationally diverse community centered around the thriving noise, psych, and experimental music scenes. Such an exhibition might lead one to believe that “tapes are back” though the truth is that they never left, having been the chosen medium of this particular community from the late 70s onward. Unlike manufactured CDs or vinyl, tapes are analog, cheap and easily made at home with accessible and rudimentary equipment (i.e. no computers), making them the logical choice for a community that is constantly evolving and producing. Tapes also offer a unique perspective for those who are put off by the ubiquity and harsh aesthetics often associated with CDRs.

For the duration of the exhibition, Printed Matter’s back room will be transformed into a cassette shop—with hundreds of titles exhibited and available for purchase. Boom boxes will give audience members the opportunity to sample and explore. Guest curators (among them Thurston Moore from the iconoclastic noise band Sonic Youth, Chris Freeman—the founder of cassette distributor Fusetron, and Dominick Fernow of Hospital Productions) will also present out-of-print cassettes from their collections.

Labels to be featured include 23 Productions (WI), AA (MI), American Tapes (MI), Animal Disguise (MI), Bone Tooth Horn, Callow God (CA), Cherried Out Merch (OR), Chondritic Sound (MI), Drone Disco (OH), Ecstatic Peace (MA), Fag Tapes (MI), Fuckit Tapes (NY), Gods of Tundra (MI), Hanson Records (MI), Heavy Tapes (NY), Hospital Productions (NY), Iatrogenesis (OR), Ides (IL), Friendship Bracelet (MA), Loveless Tapes (NJ), Middle James CO (ON/CA), Monorail Trespassing (CA), Nihilist Productions (IL), Not Not Fun (CA), Psychform (WA), RRRecords (MA), Rundownsun (BC), Since 1972 (NY), Spite (NY), Stammer Tapes (NY), Swampland Noise (CA), Throne Heap (NY), Tone Filth (MN), Trash Ritual (NY), and Troniks (CA), among many others.

To celebrate the launch, experimental tape manipulator G. Lucas Crane vs Non-horse will perform.

Leaderless: Underground Cassette Culture Now coincides with the No Fun Fest—a four day noise festival that will take place at the Hook in Red Hook, Brooklyn from May 17 – 20th. Now in itsfourth year, No Fun Fest features some of the world’s premiere noise musicians and practitioners.

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Improvised Maps | Eminent Domain

Dispatx Art Collective

We're pleased to announce the publication of the sixth edition of Dispatx, which coincides with a complete redesign of the website. Curating and developing works from poets, photographers, painters and writers, for this edition we once again present an extremely diverse set of responses to the notion of Improvised Maps. These works in Show include a dozen projects developed online over the last five months and seven additional submissions including work from Gonzalo Puch, Denis Masi, Andrea Brady and Daniel Canogar.

In addition the exploration of the theme Eminent Domain can now be followed on a daily basis. Until June 2007, the Make area of the site will feature the work of seventeen projects chosen to explore the theme. These include works by Emanuel Licha, Juan delGado, and Paulina Varas. The Studio, an integrated set of documentation tools, allows the artists to post regular updates to their work in a continuous investigation of the creative method - the organisational process that translates creative vision to creative product.

Through making comments on the artists' process in Make, site visitors form a part of this organic process. We have provided a set of tools allowing you to create private collections, leave comments, and subscribe to RSS feeds for the projects that interest you the most. To familiarize yourself with these changes, please take the site tour.

About Dispatx
Dispatx provides the tools of a socialised internet for the development and presentation of contemporary art and literature. Visitors are invited to interact with the artists via the online display of their working processes, and to create unique private collections of the finished works. Through this process we seek to establish a new curatorial discourse based on artistic working practices.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license | ISSN 1750-9505

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Robert Busby

We are deeply saddened by the loss this week of Robert Busby, owner of Lansing's Creole Gallery. It was a sickening shock to hear of his death yesterday. Robert's gentle presence and defining role in re-shaping the Old Town neighborhood into an arts destination will never be forgotten. In a tangible way, Old Town itself is a physical manifestation of Robert's spirit, which was too big to be contained in a single person.  His vision for Old Town and all of the arts was contagious, and he inspired others to be leaders.  Our feelings stretch out to his family, friends, and all the people whose lives he enriched.

If we can make even half of the impact you made on art and on the community, we will feel we have done a good job. We miss you Robert.

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(SCENE) Metrospace - Moving, Movement, Motion!


(SCENE) Metrospace's home of the past three years at 303 Abbott is now closed for business. We will be re-opening at our new location, 110 Charles St., very soon! Please check for updates.

Our next exhibit, "Motion," will open Friday, May 11 from 6-9 PM with a public reception at 110 Charles St.

Artist applications to be included in "Motion" are being accepted through April 6, 2007. Please include a project description, photographs or digital images of representative artwork, a current resume, and an artist statement with your proposal for the exhibit. Exhibit proposals may be mailed to:

Peter Richards, Director

(SCENE) Metrospace Gallery

410 Abbott Rd.

East Lansing, MI 48823

(please include a SASE with appropriate postage if you'd like any of your materials returned)

Questions? Contact Peter via e-mail at or by calling (517)319-6832.

Thank you for all your support and patronage at the Abbott Rd. location! We have truly made local history together as artists and art supporters in what was once merely a deserted bank. We look forward to an exciting schedule of exhibits, all-ages music events, theatrical performances, poetry, dance, and independent film in our new home. (SCENE) would like to thank the Downtown Development Authority, The City of East Lansing, and our neighbors at Ciesa & Associates for their generous support and endless willingness to make (SCENE) a successful, community-based progressive art and performance space.

We have a lot of work to do -- if you can volunteer some time, some expertise, some materials, or would like to make donations, please contact the director using the information above!

Thank you for your support of the arts.

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(SCENE) Metrospace Update

(SCENE) Metrospace, East Lansing's alternative art and performance space, will soon be leaving it's home of three years at 303 Abbott.  An exact date and destination are unknown at this time, but the former Kent Bank building on the corner of Abbott and Albert is slated for demolition sometime in 2007.

In the mean time, (SCENE) continues a full schedule of exhibits and entertainment:

Friday, January 19 - (SCENE) debuts "DATA TRANSFER," an exhibit of technology-driven art with a public reception from 6-9 PM featuring music by Blank Artists:  a live set by Theater of the Absurd and a DJ set by Drew Pompa.  Additionally, there will be interactive digital sand-painting on an illuminated sand table provided by David Ringlein.  The public can produce and print their own full-color digital sand paintings!

Saturday, January 20 - witness the return of 517NoiseFest:

visit 517Noise for more details!  This is a shared event spanning three communities and three venues: the DAAC in Grand Rapids and the Panopticon in Lansing.  Noise artists appearing on the Friday and Sunday bracketing (SCENE)'s Saturday show include such noise movement luminaries as Dead Machines, Hot Tapes, Princess Dragon Mom, Aaron Dilloway, and Treebot.

Thursday, January 25 -
(SCENE) will host virtuoso marimba soloist Nathaniel Bartlett.  Feauturing a state-of-the-art digital sound projection array, Bartlett plays "serious modern Western art music on a serious modern instrument - the modern marimba."  We are pleased to stage this concert, which is open to the public.  Doors open at 6:00 PM, the music begins at 7:00 PM, and there is a nominal cost of $5 for this unique sensory experience, offering "total immersion in sound."  Seating is limited.

Stay tuned for more breaking news, including the unveiling of our brand new website!!

(SCENE) Metrospace is located at 303 Abbott Rd. in East Lansing, Michigan.  Regular hours are Fridays and Saturdays from 6-9 PM and Sundays from 1-4 PM.  Additionally, the gallery is opened through the gracious support of volunteers Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons from 1-4 PM.

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  • this post loses power without the accompanying graphics.
    - [stargrazer]

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Films 4 [Conservation]


Our good friends, Nick Lyon and Evie Wright, have just initiated a wonderful web-based resource for conservation, photography and film/video.  Nick and Evie (who contributed an audio piece on jomas v.1) created Cockroach Productions nearly 2 years ago and have since made a huge impact with their work. They almost singled handly changed the UK's Palm Oil market from one that encourages the destruction of Indonesia's rainforests and orangutan habitats to a sustainable one. Their new initiative is a hub for conservation media, wildlife film and photography with  specialized pages in ape, tiger and elephant conservation. From Nick & Evie: is an experimental resource for conservationists, filmmakers and photographers dedicated to conservation of our enviroment and wildlife [ed]. Currently running as a BETA test.

The idea of this site is that it becomes a lively and dynamic first port of call for your daily web browsing. We aim to collect all the news that you find most interesting and which will be kept up to date with RSS web feeds.

We are trying to make the most of the beauty of the internet and the democratisation of information through new ways of finding information and spreading it. We encourage conservation groups to take advantage of free internet tools available to them to spread their message - not just through their own websites - but through others like this - do you have a blog? do you run RSS feeds? if you don't you are missing out on the chance to reach new audiences and supporters. Have a look at the live news feeds below to find out why.

We are also trying to make available some of the most exciting media available - video - this can be locally or internationally targetted - but if you have educational conservation videos available online then tell us about it so we can collect them here.

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Eminent Domain | Call for Proposals


In old English law, eminent domain refers to the power of the state to take private property without the owner’s consent. Since the mid-19th century it has been employed as part of large-scale development projects and urban renewal – controversial practices that can be extremely destructive for local communities. The policy is often implemented when there is a perceived obstruction blocking the progress of a particular project and powers of override must force its conclusion.

In investigating this theme we call for artists to recast the concept of eminent domain in the context of creative work. Here it becomes similar to recourse – in the face of blockade, alternative and often radical tactics may be resorted to in order for an idea to move forward. At a point of critical mass existing systems begin to fail, invoking a form of negation and opening up a space of uncertainty. This uncertainty may force a radical reformulation of a work at a crucial moment of its incompletion and potential.

The concept of regeneration is helpful in investigating this theme with regard to process revision and its relation to the creative method. Literally beginning again, regeneration suggests a recursive, self-referential procedure. It also indicates different approaches to revision: on one hand there can be subtle, incremental modifications of existing structures, systematically inching toward a result. On the other there can be a Kuhnian paradigm shift – a more radical action that can demand a clean slate from which to begin from scratch.

The interplay of these strategies and the conditions that formulate them are fascinating areas of exploration. To what extent are points of resistance and conflict essential for shaping creative decisions? Are great ideas born of frustration or along paths of least resistance? What kind of space does this recourse open up?

In this context, the theme of eminent domain speaks not only to literal interpretations concerning revised landscapes, power relationships and innovation from decay, but also to a broader theoretical reading about the space opened up by an enforced change of approach. The use of these concepts, either as the subject of investigation or as a guide to process and methodology, will result in a fascinatingly diverse group of projects for the next edition of Dispatx.

For more information on how to submit, please click here.

Dates :

Final date for sending project proposals : 16 December 2006

Publication of collaborative project proposals : 15 January 2007

Details :

Dispatx ( provides the tools of a socialised internet for the development, organisation and presentation of contemporary art and literature.

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once in a while you find something truely extraordinary...


as if
it is

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Helvetica... the film?


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  • NC-17, I presume?
    - [stargrazer]

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Repercusiones y Resonancias


The 2nd Annual Journeys of Visual Anthropology
A week long event featuring:
  • The independent documentary movement against the new Radio and TV National Law.
  • Documentary, memory and social movements.
  • Institutional programs that promote viusal anthropology.
  • Visual anthropology and religion.
  • Anthropological photography and photojournalism.
  • From documentary to video-art and the philosophy of images.
  • Screenings of mexican contemporary ethnographic documentaries  (including Q&A sesions with the directors and comments by anthropologists)
  • Opening: "In the pit" by Juan Carlos Rulfo, comments by Nestor Garcia Canclini
  • Perspectives: A photo exhibition by Jose Carlo Gonzalez
  • La Revolucion imaginada: A traditional votive paintings exhibition by Alfredo Vilchis
From August 14th to August 18th. Nacional School of Anthropology and History, Mexico City.
View program here.


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UN Millenium Goals


“” Last week I participated in a poster workshop at the ICOGRADA design conference. Each participant was to create a poster for one of the UN's 8 Millenium Development Goals (of which nearly all hadn't heard of prior to, and was an expert on after). While there were some obvious hurdles in both the project and the workshop itself, the final posters were impressive and powerful, and turned out to be one of the most gratifying and productive aspects of the entire conference.

Please visit the workshop website and help spread the word about these important issues.

Poster Workshop Site

UN Millenium Development Goals

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  • check out speak up's review of the conference here:
    - [ben]
  • quite awesome! I spent some time browsing this site and was both impressed and...more
    - [stargrazer]

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New Edition | Call for Submissions


Dispatx Art Collective are pleased to announce the publication of our fifth edition, The Plague of Language. Fifteen projects related to the theme can be seen online at, featuring poetry by JH Prynne and Rod Mengham, sound pieces from Paul Whitty and Chris Mann, and a full length interview with Marc D Hauser of Harvard University. [more] [press]

We are also actively seeking proposals for collaborative projects related to the new theme in exploration : Improvised Maps.  This theme explores correlation, translation and recursion, and relates closely to the creative method – the organising process which translates creative vision into creative output. [more]

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CD Release March 25 / "They Die In Movies"


Saturday, March 25th at Scene Metrospace Gallery, bear witness to the culmination of months of labor and love...

They Die In Movies is a narrative-based installation produced and directed by Jeni Mc, featuring fashions by Berry Noxon, and photography by Cody Hinze and Juan Beltran.  It is film-themed and has been variously described as "a movie that never happened" and "a look through a director's eye."  The exhibit takes place during the East Lansing Film Festival and continues on through May 13.

Simultaneously, It Takes A Village To Make Records will release the much-anticipated "First-Hand Accounts, Theories & Their Repercussions" CD compilation.  A double-length album on one CD, FHATATR is a genre-hopping collection of original independent music from all over the country.

The CD release will feature a giant mix CD swap!  Bring your own homemade mix CD to trade for a copy of the compilation CD -- other than that, it's FREE!  Bring an extra copy of your mix to trade with other release party-goers...

There will also be performances by Rai and Canada, as well as a screening of "Hello and Goodbye" by Detroit's Test Pattern Pictures.

We thank "They Die In Movies" for graciously hosting our CD release.

See you there!


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  • congratulations on the release!
    - [ben]

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Excuse me.


means "excuse me" in Finnish. They came to my school. I think they're neat.
designs happenings, publications, products, clothes, buildings and cities.
is 14 people in Kallo, Helsinki. VISIT M41LH2 AND COM-PA-NY TO SEE MORE ANTEEKSI.

"They are inspired by everyday life. Their design makes use of existing methods, but does not follow conventions or serve traditional purposes. Although the designs are unorthodox, they are functional. A subtle hint that suggests the intended use of the product is always present.  strive to discover new ways to approach all issues. In their designs the potential user comes first, the client second."

I like their jacket for lonely people.

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OCC's first big event in VA a success!


OCC's first event in Virginia was a big success!! The opening reception for "Waiting..." had a great turn-out and got press coverage in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  We have had 2 pieces sold already and the owner of the restaurant has agreed to donate 10% of the sales of any of the artwork to the next show!! So keep an eye out for the next exhibit featuring artwork by people in the food-service industry... (it may be called: "Still waiting...").

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  • Awesome! The glimpses look cool, wish I was there...wish you were here for that...more
    - [stargrazer]
  • check out this related link that a friend sent me!
    - [pax]

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Dorkbot.detroit Signal Processing Chain Phase II


3 March 2006 - 7:30pm, Dreamland Theater, Ypsilanti, MI

The idea of the signal processing chain is to have an audio source that will send an audio signal to a person with a device that can manipulate sound. That person's signal would then be passed to the next person and so on. Could we control the audio? Would it be just noise? How many people can we get to show up? This time around we are taking the chain to the one of the most wonderful spots in Ypsilanti, MI - The Dreamland Theater. This hub of creativity is best known as a puppet theater, but this theater is a bastion for the experimental arts -- maybe one of the last great outposts fighting against Reality Incorporated.

You can come out to watch us control the signal beast or if you are interested, you can come out to participate - in which case, please contact to register.

Dorkbot.detroit Web Site

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Folk Songs for the Five Points


Folk Songs for the Five Points
is a digital arts project that allows you to create your own “folk songs” by remixing and overlaying a range of sounds taken from New York’s Lower East Side.

The SoundMap features a visual representation of the Lower East Side, overlaid with a series of dots. Each dot represents an audio sample recorded at that particular place. To select a sample, click and drag one of circles over the chosen dot. The sample will then automatically start playing.

Folk Songs for the Five Points is a celebration of cultural diversity and change, using “folk songs” as a metaphor to explore immigration and the formation of identity in New York’s Lower East Side.

The project isn’t about absolute answers or clear definitions. We are celebrating the unexpected richness that confronts you at every turn – from the many languages of Canal St to the endless complexity contained in words like “immigrant” and “folk song”.

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A little life for Flint


Those of you from Michigan probably have some idea what kind of shape Flint is in right now. For those of you who've never seen the second Motor City, watch Michael Moore's "Roger &Me"—yep, that's pretty much what it still looks like. Red Ink Studios ( hopes to change that a bit by setting up free space for artists in a formerly-abandoned building downtown. The group has already set up a similar program in the San Francisco area with some success by taking a percentage of the sale of art created in these free spaces. The artists that are given free studio space also earn their keep by helping out with art classes and programs in local schools—something Flint schools really need. You creative-types know what an impact a little art and culture can have. Let's hope this can breathe some new life into Flintown. I heard about this on Michigan Public Radio, so if you're interested stop by their site or check out Red Ink's.

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  • This is very cool. It took a little computing to remember why I knew this name....more
    - [name not provided]
  • Thanks for this post! I recently moved to Linden (30min south of flint) and am e...more
    - [Erica]

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Check out , a weblog focusing on design and design education.

Comments and insights are welcomed!

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10 New Projects Published for Exploration


Dispatx Art Collective
are pleased to announce the publication of ten projects selected to show the development of the theme in exploration : The Plague of Language. Each artist or group of artists working on a collaborative project has been assigned a space in which they can update the details of their project throughout its development using blog technology.

Press release | Nota de prensa

Project information | Información de proyectos

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Dispatx Art Collective : New Theme for Exploration


Dispatx Art Collective
is calling for collaborative project proposals and submissions based on the current theme in exploration : The Plague of Language

The theme is underpinned by countless interconnected forms of communication, drawing on the rich history of human utterance and phonology: its consideration suggests a simultaneous reassessment of how we define language and semantics, and highlights an inherent philosophical discourse concerning how we can think about thought, or use language to explore language.

We are looking for collaborators to consider working with us as a part of our 'Work in Progress' area - demonstrating the process that translates creative vision into artistic output - as well as submissions of finished work aligned to the theme.

For more information, submission guidelines and schedule details, please visit

To contact us directly, please email

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