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hello friends,
artists in antwerp are losing room to move every day, please share your wisdom and dreams at

Dear friend of de muziekdoos
The first 'tmuziekdooscollectief meeting was a success, there was music, brainstorming, wine...
onboard were Frank, Jef, Jan, Inneke23, Stafke, Wim and Karo, Hans and Lieve. also a quick cameo by Etienne
Thanks to all for showing up!

This is what we came up with after several bottles of wine and lots of gracious sounds:

The general idea
• Keep the muziekdoos spirit alive – a place where there are instruments, amps, where everyone can come and play/jam/rehearse/experiment and maybe most importantly, meet likeminded people.
• Convince people of the importance of this muziekdoos-spirit if we want to keep real honest music alive. A place-to-be for musicians, poëts and other creative minds and friends. Cross pollination at its best.
• MySpace will be used to promote our ideas, announce upcoming events, find contacts and supporters, post pictures, movies, art, poetry, etc
• A mobile acoustic setup is a temporary solution to keep this spirit alive. This setup could move to different locations and ideally, Etienne could be there too to play his wonderful tunes, serve the drinks and give usefull/useless comments on the live music : ) If the weather is fine, this location can be outdoors (we allready baptised the boarders of the scheldt at the sint-michielsstraat)
• Organize larger events (mini festivals) on different locations where bands can perform and a free podium is available. Get festival promotors/sponsors involved.
• Make a presentation that clearly outlines our plan and try to involve the culture department of Antwerp.
• Search a VZW that wants to be involved in organising events for us. (Creating a VZW ourselves is not a good plan).

• We also will continue to collect money with the mobiele muziekdoos to help Etienne to pay the state.
This about rounds up what was discussed and what 'tmuziekdooscollectief stands for.

spring is in the air

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