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artafterscience updates:

This just in from Outside Circle Artist Zev Robinson:

"Galeria Canem will be showing La Noche Electoral, my video installation created in collaboration with Los Torreznos, at the second Venice Video Art fair, June 8-9 on the island of San Servolo, and coinciding with the Venice Biennale in which Los Torreznos will be one of Spain's representatives.
The following week at the Sonar Festival, Barcelona, a programme that I curated of video works using sound and music in a variety of ways, showing Thursday, June 14 at 14:00 and Friday, June 15 at 18:40. for a complete lineup of artists.
In July, my video installation Caravaggio Dying, based on a poem by art critic, poet and photographer Edward Lucie-Smith will be showing at the Helsinki City Art Museum as part of his exhibition of photographs. It will also be showing at the Museum of New Art, Parnu, Estonia.
Also in Helsinki in July, my video Tin Pot Dance will be showing at part of The Family, a group show put on by La Sala Naranja in conjunction with Egle Oddo and Virva Sointu.
More projects, installations and showings come autumn, with more info at"

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