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Community Weblog - [ Artist Video Series ]

Artist Video Series


Artist video series

Reading about artists can be moving. Seeing their work can be inspiring and, at times, can provoke us to action. Hillman Curtis, in his video series, allows us to experience leading designers through sound and motion, uncovering what it is about them that inspires him. Curtis profiles such  luminaries as Stefan Sagmiester, Billy Bragg, Paula Scher, Badly Drawn Boy and Pentagram as well as profiling some of his favorite movies like LA Doce Vita and Spinal Tap.

Curtis has even more videos on his site. See the entire series

David Carson
"The starting point is never to make something ugly, or to make it hard to read, or to make it award-winning, or to make it pretty. The starting point is to try to interpret something." Time: 3:50

Milton Glaser
"And I am still astonished. Things still amaze me. And I think that's the great benefit of being in the arts: where the possibility of learning never disappears. Where you basically have to admit you never learn it." Time: 5:55


from AIGA.

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