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Community Weblog - [ SYNC 07 ]


Ann Arbor, MI, March 9 -19, 2007
Entity, the University of Michigan’s premiere digital arts coalition, invites you to attend SYNC 07, an annual Multimedia Digital Arts Festival occurring March 9 th through the 19 th at the Duderstadt Center on the University of Michigan north campus. The festival features cutting edge works and performances that find a point of union between art and technology, and are offered in a range of mediums from digital painting, photography and animation, to installation and multimedia performance.
New technologies offer us increasing opportunities to explore artistic intentions and can provide us with new insights into both the art we experience and the world at large. SYNC 07 takes this as a new frontier in the aesthetic encounter and adopts this as the unifying theme that will bring together artists and thinkers for several days at the beginning of March.

As the discipline of digital arts enters its adolescence a more diverse group of artists are trying their hands at expressing themselves with the aid of ones and zeros. This year's SYNC 07 Digital Arts Festival will display some of the best cutting edge talent in the area. From March 9th to the 19th the Duderstadt Gallery will be home to video, audio, 2d and 3d art - all either created by digital means or commenting on the increasingly digitized space in which we dwell. This year's show will highlight a diverse sampling of the endless possibilities the digital realm has to offer.

The Gallery Opening will be held on Friday March 9 th , from 5:00pm to 7:00pm

The schedule of performances is as follows: (all performances start at 7:00 p.m. and are held in the Video Studio in the Duderstadt Center)

Mar. 9 th :

Bubblegone ( crafts an improvisational web of audio and projected video that is a reflection of humans as living beings taking in stimuli, processing it, and re-experiencing it throughout their lives.
bill van loo & j. schnable ( released their first collaborative album, "Raindays," a three year effort accomplished during spare moments of inspiration and cross-country visits. Both vivid and introspective, the songs are balanced with an energy that doesn't explode, but blossoms and slowly emerges in unexpected ways. Their live performance expands on the groundwork of the recorded material through improvisational rhythms and melodies.  Live visuals provided by Jon Hudson.
My Dear Disco: Dancethink Music ( combines exotic instruments such as Uilleann Pipes (Irish bagpipes) and Didjeridoo along with live laptops, synthesizers, vocals, saxophones, electric guitars, bass, and electro-acoustic drums. They’re pushing the boundaries of dance music by giving the audience a highly dynamic show where each original song has its own distinct, highly composed and thought-out identity.  Live visuals by VJ Techno Vision.
Mar 10 th :

The Betamales ( Ian Fulcher (of Hot Meat for Young Lovers and Drafted by Minotaurs on trumpet, various inputs, trashpedals) Vince Swain (of Dabenport on guitar, effects) and Paul Bancel (of The Riots on Drums) perform abstract, ambient noise soundscapes to short silent films.


de • fenestra: ( will feature Elijah Church (tabletop guitar, sheng, wood flutes), John Wolf Mcintyre (theremin and harmonium) and Will Soderberg (laptop, signal processing, midi guitar) performing live improvised electronic music with projected video accompaniment. ( reshapes reality by deconstructing and reassembling the world around them to create new understandings and new levels of communication. The simultaneous combination of technology, media, and movement in their live performances and recorded projects drives home the true meaning of seamless integration.  They will be joined by nationally renowned sculptor Steve Baibak, and performing artist Natalie Winans.

For more information, visit, or email

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