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Community Weblog - [ dancing with a tapatio band in guadalajara ]

dancing with a tapatio band in guadalajara

Saludos y Besos to the OCC community. . . .

I just got back from Guadalajara, Mexico, a beautiful city with a happening music/arts/dance scene . . . I spent two weeks teaching classes, doing TV and radio interviews (yes, in Spanish!), and doing shows. 

I thought you might enjoy hearing some of the music by the cool Mexican band, Tragicomi-k  that I did a gig with.  They are rock-ish, and they use an array of Arabic and Persian drums in addition to Western percussion instruments.  They also have a kick-ass dancer, Amanda Morales who does flamenco, and she and I danced together with the band . . .I have to say it was pretty awesome . . . .we'll definitely be doing more together!   :)

Here's Tragicomi-k's myspace link:

And here's a link to a band that I'll be working with on my next trip, Chango Marrango:

I'm in the process of updating my website with pictures from Mexico, and a video of the piece I did with Tragicomi-K and Amanda . . . visit us at  . . .

Love and peace,
Gayathri   ~   857.526.1149   ~

"The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude."   -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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