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Community Weblog - [ Art Serve Michigan ]

Art Serve Michigan

  # is a good resource for Michigan-based artists.

Their mission:

ArtServe Michigan supports and advocates for the arts and cultural education in the state of Michigan. ArtServe Michigan accomplishes its mission by working with artists, educators, cultural organizations, businesses, volunteers and others through statewide programs, services and a variety of collaborative efforts.

Register online for Michigan Artist Directory's free monthly email listing of competitions, commissions, grants, calls for entries and job opportunities.

Visit the gallery/members pages.

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  • one problem i have with the Michigan Artist Directory is that is essentially a &...more
    - [ben]
  • This also means that anyone with $40 can be a member. Not to be elitist, but th...more
    - [stargrazer]
  • What I mean to say is that good art comes from all income levels, not just those...more
    - [stargrazer]

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