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Community Weblog - [ Dorkbot.detroit Signal Processing Chain Phase II ]

Dorkbot.detroit Signal Processing Chain Phase II


3 March 2006 - 7:30pm, Dreamland Theater, Ypsilanti, MI

The idea of the signal processing chain is to have an audio source that will send an audio signal to a person with a device that can manipulate sound. That person's signal would then be passed to the next person and so on. Could we control the audio? Would it be just noise? How many people can we get to show up? This time around we are taking the chain to the one of the most wonderful spots in Ypsilanti, MI - The Dreamland Theater. This hub of creativity is best known as a puppet theater, but this theater is a bastion for the experimental arts -- maybe one of the last great outposts fighting against Reality Incorporated.

You can come out to watch us control the signal beast or if you are interested, you can come out to participate - in which case, please contact to register.

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