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Films 4 [Conservation]


Our good friends, Nick Lyon and Evie Wright, have just initiated a wonderful web-based resource for conservation, photography and film/video.  Nick and Evie (who contributed an audio piece on jomas v.1) created Cockroach Productions nearly 2 years ago and have since made a huge impact with their work. They almost singled handly changed the UK's Palm Oil market from one that encourages the destruction of Indonesia's rainforests and orangutan habitats to a sustainable one. Their new initiative is a hub for conservation media, wildlife film and photography with  specialized pages in ape, tiger and elephant conservation. From Nick & Evie: is an experimental resource for conservationists, filmmakers and photographers dedicated to conservation of our enviroment and wildlife [ed]. Currently running as a BETA test.

The idea of this site is that it becomes a lively and dynamic first port of call for your daily web browsing. We aim to collect all the news that you find most interesting and which will be kept up to date with RSS web feeds.

We are trying to make the most of the beauty of the internet and the democratisation of information through new ways of finding information and spreading it. We encourage conservation groups to take advantage of free internet tools available to them to spread their message - not just through their own websites - but through others like this - do you have a blog? do you run RSS feeds? if you don't you are missing out on the chance to reach new audiences and supporters. Have a look at the live news feeds below to find out why.

We are also trying to make available some of the most exciting media available - video - this can be locally or internationally targetted - but if you have educational conservation videos available online then tell us about it so we can collect them here.

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