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Community Weblog - [ something to be happy about... ]

something to be happy about...

 Yeah!  Sometimes, well most of the times, I am pretty dubious about the whole of human beings and the way we carry on as the Masters of the Universe (lower your voice about 5 octaves when you say that last part).  But, there are times when we can be quite impressive; from small stuff like a stranger returning your lost wallet--with all the cash still there, to something huge like three States and 134 cities repealing the what-a-stupid-name-Patriot Act (it’s about as bad an Iraqi Freedom). You see?!  It’s a start to a growing nationwide sentiment that our freedoms are at risk and we won’t let it happen!  This strong reaction isn’t just limited to young liberal but the older conservatives too!  And speaking of “young liberals”, way to go Ann Arbor in being one of the 134!   Okay, no more !!’s, well maybe just a couple.  What is great is that some cities are really taking action against the act.  In Arcata, California, the City Council passed an ordinance barring city workers from enforcing the Patriot Act.  In Berkley, California, the public library director erases records of all returned books each day, along with the list of web sites visited on their computers. I believe that this is just the start.  History has shown that our freedom is always in danger when national security is a political-platform-huge issue.  The thing to remember is those acts like the Espionage Act, Trading with the Enemy Act (what a funny name!), Alien Sedition Act have been repealed when the people snap out being scared and realize what’s at stake.  I realize that I am being super optimistic, but good gravy, one has to have a little hope.

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