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Community Weblog - [ Charlotte Smith : Occupation ]

Charlotte Smith : Occupation

"The latest project in The Intervention Series comprises a documentary exhibition of Smiths exploration into codes of occupation within domestic spaces.
For Occupation, Smith has examined the day-to-day experience artists have with their studios at Bankley Gallery Studios. Specifically working with the café staff at nearby The Friends Café and the refuse collection organiser for the studios, Smith has reversed the traditional roles of service they provide to the Bankley studio artists and offered their service back to them in their own domestic spaces.
Occupation describes a concept Smith has developed through both a written thought process (embodied by her text Comment) and the relationships she developed with the workers (cooking a meal for one of the café staff and disposing of the rubbish of the refuse organiser.) The thought process follows an exploration into how society has developed a system of appropriation of the spaces they occupy.
Bankley presents the documentation of this process as a series of images, a short publication discussing the work and a comment delivered as both a text in the publication and a talk on the 3rd and 17th of December.

Charlotte Smith
3rd to the 29th December 2005
Artists talk 7pm 3rd December
Repeat Talk 17th December
Private View Saturday 3rd December 6-8 pm
To view by appointment at other times call 07723090150"

[via Paul Stanley]

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