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Community Weblog - [ Annette Berkobian at Magdalena's Teahouse ]

Annette Berkobian at Magdalena's Teahouse


Annette joins us from San Francisco to present "I Am My Mother's Daughter," a one-woman show with additional drumming, music and poetry from Paloma, Miko, Aaron Curtner, Tim Lane, Natalie and Megan...

Come see what it's all about at this great performance venue, provided by Miko.

So what is annette's project about anyway?

That is a great question!

It is about the fact that...

v Without our mothers we would not be, simply! So please invite your mother, her spirit, your family members, friends who are family members, or for that matter, anyone who is kind-hearted

v Your mother was originally black, that is an archeological fact.

v My relationship with my Ma was never easy but it turned into true beauty.

v Hundreds of Black Madonnas cover Europe. They trace the first migration of the original people coming from Afrikian, that's a fact.

v My mother disowned all of her 9 siblings except one and she disowned me, her youngest one. So now I am returning home to collect her stories in a film/choreopoem/book. My hope is that my project will help you, my children who will never know there grandma personally and for me to gain a greater understanding of my roots.

v We inherit our mother's mitochondrial DNA which holds our social, biological, and political views whether we want to or not.

v My mother refused her 300-500 Old World Catholic family to tend to her in hospital, say goodbye at her home and they were turned away if they attempted to pay their respects or mourn their loss at our family owned funeral home and cemetery. I hope to offer them, me and my Ma some peace.

v I have a strong spiritual belief in the West Afrikan Sankofa Bird. It is tattooed on my back if you would like to see. This mythical bird flies forward while looking backward with egg in its mouth symbolizing the future. And that is what I am doing fetching my roots and your roots, too.

v My brilliant, creative, beautiful mother was shoved into a tiny box in her lifetime from 1938 to 2002. I believe that too tiny box was much too tiny. And those too tiny, tiny town ideas drove her crazy in our crazy world

v Passing away or passing over, which is often named death, can offer peace, joy, relief, grief, anger, happiness, freedom, new found love and new found life.

v We can end racism, homophobia, sexism, classism and all other oppressions through art and too boot, it's funny. Giggle-giggle!

v Our Blessed Virgin Mary, MOTHER of GOD, was masked in white face paint in the renaissance. She was given a makeover from a strong, compassion, often political Black Madonna to the White Madonna I was raised with who kept her compassion but left her politics and was often portrayed as submissive. Then after Vatican II she was nearly erased from Catholic Church together along with the rosary and Marian faith.

v Our mothers are women with struggles and dreams too.

v And so much more......

(thanks to Annette for these words. Come to Magdalena's Teahouse August 5th) -- P

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