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Community Weblog - [ birth of lego ]

birth of lego


whether or not we care to admit it, many of us are where we are at today because of legos. yes, i know, you may think that is a stretch, but i know that without those colorful bricks, i would not be the fine manipulator of visual space that i claim to be, and i wouldn't love the danes so much either. in my web hopping today i found out where they really come from: "they are scraped off the inside of magical trees by tiny danish elves, right?." not really... enjoy this trip to the lego factory: the making of a brick

"the making of brick" was created by flash animators extroardinaire, pop! lot's o' neat stuff there... check em out.

sidenote: in my search for a lego image i found this: the brick testament (yes lego bibletales). enjoy.

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