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Community Weblog - [ Improvised Maps | Eminent Domain ]

Improvised Maps | Eminent Domain

Dispatx Art Collective

We're pleased to announce the publication of the sixth edition of Dispatx, which coincides with a complete redesign of the website. Curating and developing works from poets, photographers, painters and writers, for this edition we once again present an extremely diverse set of responses to the notion of Improvised Maps. These works in Show include a dozen projects developed online over the last five months and seven additional submissions including work from Gonzalo Puch, Denis Masi, Andrea Brady and Daniel Canogar.

In addition the exploration of the theme Eminent Domain can now be followed on a daily basis. Until June 2007, the Make area of the site will feature the work of seventeen projects chosen to explore the theme. These include works by Emanuel Licha, Juan delGado, and Paulina Varas. The Studio, an integrated set of documentation tools, allows the artists to post regular updates to their work in a continuous investigation of the creative method - the organisational process that translates creative vision to creative product.

Through making comments on the artists' process in Make, site visitors form a part of this organic process. We have provided a set of tools allowing you to create private collections, leave comments, and subscribe to RSS feeds for the projects that interest you the most. To familiarize yourself with these changes, please take the site tour.

About Dispatx
Dispatx provides the tools of a socialised internet for the development and presentation of contemporary art and literature. Visitors are invited to interact with the artists via the online display of their working processes, and to create unique private collections of the finished works. Through this process we seek to establish a new curatorial discourse based on artistic working practices.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license | ISSN 1750-9505

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