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Weblog - [nemec]

ANIMAL - DEAF OX *new album*


Hello fellow artists,

I recently finished my new album DEAF OX and posted it on my website for free download at:

This is my way of working around the 'standards' of the music industry.  I don't have any reviews of DEAF OX available yet, I am waiting till September to send promos out to radio and publications.  However, below are a few quotes about my last album SAWN CREATOR, which is also available for free on the same page as DEAF OX.  I had one song from that album on the JOMAS.

"...a deadpan second cousin to Lou Reed, Animal delivers still-wet-paste of rock that is what you thought you were making when you got drunk and loud in your friend’s mom’s garage and put the microphone right up to the speaker. "   -

"...sugar smacks that crackle and pop like Baby's First Casio on Ritalin."  -splendid

My website also has images of my artwork.
Aaron (aka Animal)


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  • Dig the cover imagery!
    - [stargrazer]
  • can't wait to hear it- congratulations aaron!
    - [ben]
  • This rocks! Are there any mp3 verions of the songs available?
    - [stargrazer]

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