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Weblog - [medicinecrow]

Wage Peace!

I am no longer content to simply oppose war. I am tired of always reacting to the madness of others. Waging Peace is about rebuilding society from the ground up. We have more in common with each other than we have been lead to believe. Modern technological culture would isolate us in front of our Televisions, Computers, wearing headphones to keep out only those meticulously over-produced visions of the world around us that will encourage us to remain isolated...yearning to buy crap we don't need with money we don't have...One hundered channels of crap...creating an ever-increasing need for more crap...a perpetual state of dissatisfaction...with the stuff we have...I need: a faster computer...a more powerful stereo...So I can listen to more prepackaged crap...that never misses a beat and never burps, or farts or...I need, a newer widget, a faster gadget...a girlfriend who looks like Britney and swallows...I need to belong to the greatest country in the world...and I'll be damned if Fox News doesn't deliver...Fighting evil in Iraq and all that good shit...Wait...Who're you!!...Get off my property!!! Or I'll call Tom Ridge...or John Ashcroft...Weren't you the nine of hearts in the "most wanted" deck of unpatriotic bastards who don't support President Peckerhead or the troops...Go back to your own yard and get your hippie-drumming"-peace&lovewe're-all-brothers-tie-dyed-pie-eyed-makelovenotwar" crap outa my goddamn yard. In short...there has to be a better way... Much Love...Mitakuye Oyasin! Michael (Medicine Crow)

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