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Born into Brothels

Teaching art is an amazing challenge for anyone who has the desire to empower a voice and express a vision of how the world is percieved through the eyes of another person.  Aesthetic awareness is only one aspect of art education.  Excellence in technique, attention to the individual and an awareness to one's surroundings all play a part in the holistic approach to teaching and learning art. 

"Born into Brothels," a documentary film is the manifestation of this challenge.  The film is part of a project "Kids with Cameras," which teaches children the technical aspects of photography and challenges them to use this knowledge to see their lives in new ways.  Those who believes art is more than a picture that hangs on a wall will find this engaging.  Check out their website

Kids With Cameras

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  • photographers without borders. what a great effort, thanks for sharing noah
    - [Ande]
  • this is a great example of what we'd like to do more of with OCC - using art in...more
    - [pax]
  • heard about this on NPR, I think. A very sensitive and moving piece.
    - [stargrazer]

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