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borrowed nostalgia


Sunday night some friends and I decided to go loiter around Ann Arbor.  I had only been down there one previous time so for me at least, it was an adventure.  Well, we passed by the Michigan Theater.  It is the quintesential theater.  Now, I had never actually seen a movie in one of those classic movie houses that always seemed to exist in small towns that weren't mine.  That night, emblazoned on the marquis was "The Philadelphia Story."  I squealed and did happy dance in the middle of Liberty St. I booked out of work the following night so I could catch the 7pm showing without missing too much of the film.  I grew up with this flick and it is one of my favorites.  And to buy my ticket at a proper little outdoor booth and then walk through a what can only be described as plush lobby to an enormous theater with a balcony and everything...the excitement was almost too much for my central nervous system. 

I suspect it may be odd that someone born 1981, who heretofore has only ever known a mega-plex movie going experience, could be all reminiscent about seats whose cushions did not form to my body for added comfort; for the closing of a red velvet curtain in front of the screen after the credits and the audience all applauding Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewert.

This weekend they're showing "To Have and Have Not."  Gotta love Bogart and Bacall. 

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