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travis @ the trillium


Come to OCC'er Travis Pickard's opening at the Trillium Gallery in East Lansing, MI.

It's this Sunday (February 1st) from 1-4pm.

Travis' work is stunning. Anyone from the Lansing Area is sure to have encountered his work at galleries, local events, newspapers, cafes, and restaurants. Travis Pickard views his artistic experience as an ongoing process. Much of his interest lies in the depiction of humans, which he says are 'a strange bunch'. I look at artists as the historians of our time. I want to keep ideas alive. It could be another form of reproduction, another drive humans have to physically and mentally evolve. Art is definitely an evolution. I find it satisfying to be one of the present day researchers.


Check out Travis' website.

The Trillium Gallery is located at
207 E Grand River Avenue
East Lansing, MI 48823
Phone:  517.333.3130
Trillium Map

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At last, an opportunity to meet some of the new OCCers! And to see some of their work. Good luck Travis, I look forward to finally meeting you tomorrow!1/31/2004 1:35:10 PM
We need more like this. Brilliant.2/3/2004 9:44:56 AM
Great show, Travis! It was nice to meet another member of the OCC! And your web site is something I wish I could have been a part of. Say hi to Alec for me.2/6/2004 1:32:50 AM
Travis and I have been working on organizing a critique night for artists in the Lansing area who want to advance daring and original art. It could be monthly, and may be combined with a potluck. For if the starving artists don't feed eachother, who will? If you are looking for some feedback and discussion to help advance your work, e-mail your interest to me ( or Travis.

Also, be sure to check out Travis's work in the main lobby of Lansing City Hall and outside the mayor's office. It will be up all this month.

2/6/2004 3:59:00 PM
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