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only because she is too modest


here is a starting point for some of jean's music (a little teacher portfolio, so to speak).  there are only a few samples from meck, but more from her piano recital is soon to come (and i think i have a minidisc with some violin, drum and weed whip somewhere from the fort wendy days, if i could only get jean, ben and tod to sign off on it!)

senior recital

p.s. your piano recital was brilliant, jeanne.  anyone who was there, knows!

now if we only had more server space!

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ande any music that i was involved in that includes a weed whipper needs to be heard!2/6/2004 4:21:15 PM
what's a weed whipper? i don't remember playing with any.......... 2/6/2004 4:48:32 PM
jean- a weed whipper is a mechanized garden tool that disperses unwanted growth by "whipping" a plastic or rubber cord on a circular plane with a motorized engine. we played with one live as an accompanyment in august '03, todd yacos was the operator.2/7/2004 3:34:19 AM
Just wanted to say, as a witness of Jean's recital, that she played some beautiful, complex music with grace and apparent ease. The program was very well selected.2/7/2004 2:36:11 PM
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