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Aldi-inspired art


The New York Foundation for the Arts has a series of articles by artists.  I found this one by Dan S. Wang interesting.

"After becoming intrigued with the supermarket chain Aldi because of the corporation's neo-Bauhaus logo, billionaire founders, and unassuming atmosphere, Dan S Wang began producing Aldi-inspired art. Here he writes on the origins of his fascination with the company that makes shoppers bag their own groceries."

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I admire this form of critique: utilizing the company's own flotsam for artistic redress. However, will the artist's message reach the consumer, or merely be a curiosity for gallery-goers to discuss over capuccinos?8/10/2004 8:48:52 AM
aldi's is great. i don't care at all if they are a totalitarian food chain, they gave me cheap food when i was poor (wait... i still am). god bless their neo-bauhaus logo.8/16/2004 11:23:19 PM
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