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Anyone in the Richmond VA. area should check out Spiral 4 the war on apathy continues. April 15th at AlleyKatz. 

spiral is a loose collection of painters, musicians, sculptors, spoken word artists, dancers, photographers, and performance artists in the Richmond area. Together, we are striving to present the community with a unique experience via simultaneous exposure to many different forms of art. Working together, we hope to produce amazing, one-of-a-kind, multi-media, multi-sensory art shows at different venues around the city. Currently, we are working with AlleyKatz, but eventually we hope to expand to many different venues, both indoor and outdoor"

Check out their website

Contact them or just let me know, I'm sure you can set up an outside circle booth.

thanks Danny

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thanks danny! we'd love to set something up.2/26/2006 10:36:46 PM
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