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A little life for Flint


Those of you from Michigan probably have some idea what kind of shape Flint is in right now. For those of you who've never seen the second Motor City, watch Michael Moore's "Roger &Me"—yep, that's pretty much what it still looks like. Red Ink Studios ( hopes to change that a bit by setting up free space for artists in a formerly-abandoned building downtown. The group has already set up a similar program in the San Francisco area with some success by taking a percentage of the sale of art created in these free spaces. The artists that are given free studio space also earn their keep by helping out with art classes and programs in local schools—something Flint schools really need. You creative-types know what an impact a little art and culture can have. Let's hope this can breathe some new life into Flintown. I heard about this on Michigan Public Radio, so if you're interested stop by their site or check out Red Ink's.

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This is very cool. It took a little computing to remember why I knew this name. Being that some of their spaces are down the road from me, on Market (SF), it makes more sense. Next time, I swear I'll read the entire post.2/19/2006 2:21:56 PM
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Thanks for this post! I recently moved to Linden (30min south of flint) and am excited about the project. Signed-up as a volunteer...I'll let you know how it goes! - E2/28/2006 11:00:51 AM
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