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the journal of words and images (OCC's first publication) is seeking your artwork, photography, poems, essays, etc for issue number 1.
2 versions will be produced:
a free pocket sized, printer and copier friendly version, and a larger full color version.
all entries can be emailed to when emailing images, please keep the images hi-res (+150dpi) but file sizes below 20mb.  larger files may be sent snail mail. the entrants will be notified when published. to request snail mail address, as well as any other questions, email ben (see address above).
entry deadline: nov15 (11.15.03)

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Ben, I will send some jpegs your way. Also, I would like to enter the two "word pieces" that we scanned at Fort Wendy for consideration (you can crop out the spiral binding if you want). Thanks for pursuing this great idea!10/10/2003 1:20:20 AM
Hey! It finally got it posted. Strangeness.

Here is an entry, I'm not sure how it would/if it fits. It's a piece I produced for my photography class, as an inkjet printed book. It's laid-out to be produced by any method (preferably offset). Thus, I have much higher resolution images if desired. So, take a look Twelve Telephone Poles. Bonus points to whomever can tell me the artist I'm ripping off for the book.
10/11/2003 12:08:01 AM
name not provided
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