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Unleashing The Rock Poster


Here is a recently completed poster design for the Detroit-area indie/rock band Stare Into The Sun. I've always loved the interface between music and graphic design, exemplified by everything from jazz LP covers to the many wonderful rock fliers created by such genius minds as Rick Griffin and Frank Kozik

My goal was to create a poster that reflected the band's aesthetic, while at the same time tempting viewers to steal the poster for their apartment or dorm room walls. Ultimately, getting the band name out there and drawing people to gigs is the purpose of a good poster -- so we communicated extensively to make sure the final design was clearly readable and visually arresting.  This was a quick turnaround project -- Kevin from SITS contacted me on July 4 and the design was mailed July 7!

Check out Stare Into The Sun, The Black Spoons, and Tiny Amps of Corduroy Tuscadero at Hamtramck's Painted Lady (2390 Jacob), this Saturday, July 16 2005.

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The poster is such a community oriented design vehicle. I am currently doing a great deal of pro bono poster work for a small theatre company and it is truly alot of fun. Trying to sum up an entire theatrical show in a single image is a fun visual challenge. I recently had the pleasure of spending an evening with Jay Ryan from The Bird Machine in Chicago. He makes a living doing nothing more than cool posters. Check his work out at www.thebirdmachine.com7/13/2005 10:21:37 AM
I really enjoyed bird machine's work. Feeling very inspired...7/14/2005 4:10:48 AM
nice poster, Peter!! I really like it!7/14/2005 11:54:40 AM
you can click on the poster image for a closer look.7/19/2005 10:38:00 AM
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