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my favorite f words

recently i visited the manchester art gallery to see an exhibition by jim partridge, a UK woodworker. known for his furniture, vessels and site specific outdoor work, as well as his unconventional tools and treatments (chainsaws, blowtorches, and bleach), what struck me above all was his balance of form and functionality. architect louis sullivan is known for his famous quote, "form follows function," but for me creating a healthy balance between the two is more important. afterall, why not sit on something that looks nice too?
for more of mr. partridge's work, including some good looking benches, (which feel nice too- i sat on all of them), check out
comments on the above f words, or others?
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I would have to agree that a healthy balance needs to be maintained between form and function. Look around you wherever you go and every little object is now being crafted into something that is aesthetically pleasing. Look at what Eames did for home decor!10/6/2003 12:56:16 PM
Oh, and I forgot to mention my stapler and tape dispenser that I purchased from Target. They look like they came straight from the Orsay10/6/2003 12:57:01 PM
Sometimes form swallows function. This is a sort of design deception (although it is perfectly acceptable in non-utilitarian areas of art and design).

Sometimes function is expressed so rigidly that the object/item establishes hierarchy over its user.

10/10/2003 1:29:09 AM
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