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advice for young persons wanting to make a start in the world of stencils


:: stencil your hearts out :: 

  • First off, stencil anything. If you wait for the perfect idea you will be waiting for ever. Besides, cleverness is never as entertaining as blatant stupidity, failure and public humiliation
  • Obtain a sharp knife. Blunt knives result in fluffy pictures and make the whole process long and boring. Snap off blades of British steel are best.
  • Draw your artwork on paper, glue onto some card then cut straight through the both. Acetate is apparently quite good but any sort of free cardboard is okay. Stiff 1mm to 1.5mm board is ideal.
  • Get a small roll of gaffa tape, pre-tear small strips and stick them on your shirt inside your coat.
  • Find a suitable piece of card to act as a folder. For instance when using red paint cut the stencil into the bottom of a pizza box so when you get paint all over your fingers its not so suspicious.
  • Leave the house before you find something worth staying in for.

more advice for stencil punks

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Like it. We talk about the need for more art in our schools and in our lives...2/24/2004 1:37:26 AM
There are some intersting stencils that attacked buildings in Rochester - of a robot and satelite theme. Not certain where they came from, but they are tastefully done - enough that they have been there for over a year. So does this mean that if graffitii is done well, people don't mind as much? I'll try and take pictures.2/24/2004 8:11:14 AM
help be a rat: 10:02:16 PM
Banksy's latest in the west bank: Even artists go on holiday.8/15/2005 8:41:35 AM
Also, for all you diy'ers, lots of cool stencils at: 8:49:48 AM
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