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OK, back to the 501(c)3 agenda


I just wanted to remind people to keep working on (or start working on - depending on what stage you're at) the OCC's goal of becoming a non-profit organization. Maybe you all already knew this - but I just discovered that you can download all neceassary forms for filing a 501(c)3 online from the website.  Here's the specs:

1. first of all, we need to write our articles of incorporation, (the form can be downloaded from the website... then if you click on the "forms" link, it'll take you to a long list of corporate forms, but if you scroll down... you'll find Form 502 which is the necessary form for articles of incorporation for a non-profit.

2. secondly, I found out that there is no form for the budget... so if someone knows the format of what this should look like, or knows of a template - that'd be really helpful.

so, I guess we'll just start with these and go from there.... hope you're all swell!! Ciao!

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Yo, awesome short doc, Julia!4/4/2005 5:21:09 PM
name not provided
Great find Julia. I'll see what I can dig up around here.4/4/2005 7:32:33 PM
ok, great. thanks nick!4/5/2005 12:41:30 PM
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