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Arirang...Song of Hope


Hope Borbas Okemos Library will host the korean brush painting of Hyung-Kook Lee during the month of July.  The opening reception will be Sunday, July 10 from 1-4pm. 

"Ever since the Industrial Revolution, human beings have lived in material abundance. they became abundant, they've caused not a few ill effects.
The unlimited competitions, the loneliness in the crowd, the loss of humanity, the innumerable accidents and crimes, and the dangerous trend to take life lightly...

The modern people-- those who were born as natural beings, and keep in the giant artificial concrete structures their dreams of grey-- where shall the find their true haven?

Religions, the strong will of human beings, searching for the tranquil state of mind-- can any of these be a substitute for it?

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jean lee asked me to make this post.6/28/2005 8:43:10 PM
ande, you're magic. my family and the artist give their heartfelt thanks. i hope people can make it. his artwork is incredible, so alive... 6/28/2005 9:27:15 PM
Very interesting work. Creativity must run in the family! :)7/5/2005 11:10:22 AM
Although jeanne is quite flattered, she wanted to mention that the last name "lee" is the korean equivalent of "smith," and there is no familial relation. however, jeanne's mother did do the translation for the artist for the recent article in the lansing city pulse found at 6:56:01 PM
Really love the graphical elements juxtaposed with the freer brushwork in these paintings! Can't wait to see the show. Anyone want to go this Saturday (July 16)?7/12/2005 12:11:44 PM
enjoyed the show very much. Are there any of thye booklets left over?7/19/2005 10:35:47 AM
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