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Get A Haircut, See Some Art

andrea-eckert-enhanced.jpg   relic (loading dock)                 
Beginning on their one-year anniversary as a business, The Paradise Beauty Salon & Art Gallery (2008 E Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI 48912, phone 517-367-2206) will feature paintings and prints by Andrea Eckert and Peter Richards.  The salon's bright pink walls should provide an arresting backdrop for Andrea's naturalistic, gestural abstractions and Peter's tectonic surfaces and architectural studies.

The Anniversary Party is March 20, starting at 3 o'clock.  Not sure if it is open to the public, but stop by anyway -- I'm sure Carmen Paradise (singer/songwriter, bassist for Calliope, 1/2 of the alluring Psyche's Sister and 1/4 of the upbeat pop combo The Good Mornings) won't turn you away!  I'm told that the ceiling of the salon will be flooded with balloons.

Carmen's beauty salon (right nextdoor to Magdalena's Teahouse) opened up one year ago and provides a full range of haircutting and beauty services.  I usually get a scalp massage with my haircut!  Carmen has opened up her walls to local artists, and Andrea and I are excited and honored to be featured there.

pictured:  "Muromachi Martini", oil, sumi ink, & linseed on canvas 70"x57"",
               by Andrea Eckert
              "Relic (Loading Dock)", oil on canvas 16"x20",
               by Peter Richards

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what a great show. and to think all this time i could have been getting my haircut there instead of by students, and for about the same price! nice show peter and andrea.3/21/2005 9:21:31 PM
Many thanks to the stylists -- Carmen, Erin and Beth -- for all the effort they put into the great anniverary party. Great music, great food, and a fun crowd. The art will be up for the next two months.3/22/2005 6:46:46 PM
Andrea sold one of her paintings! She also has five pieces in a show with Travis Pickard, Jesse Bell and Epiphanio Ponce at the Dancing Crane. Congratulations Andrea!4/5/2005 12:37:43 PM
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