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Ryan Spencer Reed- Hands Of A Displaced Sudan


The photos of Ryan Spencer Reed are on display at the Jackson Symphony Orchestra Gallery in Jackson Michigan.  They are also available to view at

"Genocide begins, however improbably, in the conviction that classes of biological distinction indisputably sanction social and political discrimination." Andrea Dworkin

When French philosopher Albert Camus wrote, "A trial cannot be conducted by announcing the general culpability of a civilization. Only the actual deeds which, at least, stank in the nostrils of the entire world were brought to judgment," he had not lived long enough to witness a shift in the priorities of nations.

With instant communication from anywhere on earth and dedicated journalists willing to stand in harms way, how can it be suggested that "the stank" of Sudan is not in the nostrils of even the most semi-conscious citizen of the world? Mr. Camus could not have been aware of the extent to which the pursuit of the world's resources would require focus that discounts the value of cultures and people. This misplaced priority and the recognition of governments who assist those in power, fuel the machine that serves to distract from the collateral damage of the collectors of such wealth.

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Hey, I saw this guy here at GVSU last year. At that point, he'd said that out of some 2000 pictures taken, he'd sold two to traditional media outlets - its good to see him showing somewhere. One of the more striking things he told of was the expereince of coming into his room, finding it filled with roaches, and the sense it instilled in him of his space being filled with these things and the need to remove them. He related this to the concept, function, and rationalization of genocide. Conflicts over space and resources, one of the more unpleasant realities in life. The function of government [any and all] is to "handle" these with our given agency in the most invisible and palatable way possible, so we will continue to give agency. And of course, as incentive, make sure they as individuals come out with as great a piece as possible - which I understanding as being the cause for the present situation in Sudan. If i could only find my notes....10/8/2005 9:25:47 PM
Philip... thanks for the commentary. It certainly gives some depth to the person behind the photographs.10/14/2005 7:28:55 AM
It is saddening how we are spectators to some crimes and tragedies, and active participants in others. I know, that's a veiled slam at our government and world powers in general. But, you know what I mean.10/14/2005 11:53:03 AM
i went to this site and looked around, does anyone know what group M35 is? the "about" page didnt work. i was just wondering what this group is all about-10/28/2005 6:15:20 PM
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