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the peter saville show @ urbis


Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

hey mancunians >>>
the peter saville show, a career spanning retrospective of "one of the most influential designers of our times," is on display at manchester's urbis museum.
peter saville started his career for the now legendary factory records, home to joy division/new order and the hacienda club and since has continually challenged contemporary design.

As Art Director and co-founder of Factory Records in the 70s/80s, Saville’s startling sleeves for Joy Division and New Order managed to intuitively capture the mood of a new musical wave. These are shown in all their deconstructed glory: the original Pantone codes for Power, Corruption & Lies; the floppy disk from a sequencer which inspired the pop art tribute sleeve for Blue Monday; and the architectural observations which informed the cross-cultural references of Atmosphere.

peter saville, the design museum

Much has been made of Saville’s use of semiotics and “borrowed” images, yet what really comes across in this beautifully constructed exhibition is the sense that he was a master of his source material, rather than a slave to it.

the peter saville show will be running from Jan 23 to Apr 18. Admission is £5.

Peter Saville's Website ::  Urbis' Website  (info) :: 24 hr party people (article) :: BBC Manchester's Saville Interviews (articles, interviews, and galleries)

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cool! thanks ben! i'll check it out!2/11/2004 5:08:43 PM
Peter Saville is the man. The original sleeve for Unknown Pleasures was embossed black-on-black. Very minimal, great visual impact, and the graph of signals emitted from a dying star is a fitting (and foreshadowing) icon for the music contained within.2/12/2004 7:07:12 PM
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