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kino film festival [manchester]


manchester's 8th annual short film festival started tuesday, the 21st, and continues through sunday, the 26th.

Special programmes within the main focus this year include:
A new strand of gothic fantasy shorts “Kino Horror”, the continuation of the Latin American theme “Kino Latino”; the focus on the middle east “Magic Carpet”; our cultural diversity strand “Bluefire” focusing on British and International Black and Asian film making; the focus on digital shorts "Inspired by the Medium" for films made on DV and mixed media; our usual brand of quirky, off the wall, provocative and cutting edge new work in “Going Underground”, and finally our regional showcase “Made up North”, aimed at showcasing films from local and regional filmmakers.

download the programme (pdf)

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How did this go. Ben and Julia, did you attend?10/30/2003 1:05:35 PM
we attended one documentary screening- which wasn't all that great, surprisingly. the rest of the festival was interupted by us having to go to the london film festival.11/5/2003 9:04:44 AM
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