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plastikman speaks


for a look, listen & feel of the 2003 plastikman release, closer:

Now, though, nascent verse/chorus/verse structures were emerging. 
In the case of the single “Disconnect,” a seething, long fused potboiler
that seems to address the masochism involved in a dysfunctional
relationship, Hawtin suddenly found himself with “this song that was,
like, four verses and had absolutely no music to go with it.  How the
hell did I go from being an instrumental, electronic artist to recording
-Ben Rayner, June 2003

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You know. I've not heard anything but that track, 'Disconnect', and I was far from impressed.
1/27/2004 1:13:52 PM
name not provided
any idea what happened to the images that I included in this post? Were they taken off the site for some reason?1/27/2004 6:01:47 PM
Ande, I had to remove them because the referenced files on your hard drive. Feel free to put them back up.1/28/2004 9:05:14 AM
thanks nick! 1/28/2004 11:18:45 AM
i enjoyed what i heard of this album- dark yes, but good. they use velum in the packaging as well. that's cool. 1/30/2004 3:44:16 PM
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