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[FLAK] Detroit @ 00:00:55

[FLAK] detroit, a Detroit, Michigan-based "cultural forum of creative individuals," presents Detroit @ 00:00:55, an evening of 55 second films this Friday, October 24th, at Cranbrook Art Museum.  This evening will feature dozens of 55 second films about Detroit. You'll see the work of several OCCers!

Doors at 6pm.  Movie at 7pm sharp.  CDs are for sale.  Other art by faculty and students will be having an opening reception.  Entry is $4 for students/seniors, $6 for the rest.

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julia and i got some feedback on the event: apparently it was a sold out show, and people stuck around to watch the films through twice. it got some press coverage as well, in the detroit news. there's a referece to julia and i in the article, "some arrived from places as far afield as England..." however indirect it may be!10/28/2003 4:23:07 AM
Congratulations on your inclusion in this event, Ben and Julia.10/28/2003 1:16:37 PM
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