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Art and Science Collaborations

is an Australian web-based organization that promotes the interface between science and art:

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The Synapse database is an online resource promoting the nexus of art and science.

Synapse encourages creative and experimental collaborations between artists and scientists. It has been developed by ANAT (Australian Network for Art and Technology) as a major component of the Australia Council's New Media Arts Board Synapse Art and Science Initiative.

The database can be searched by artist, project or science organisation. It contains information on exhibitions, collaborative projects and areas of science interest and includes a showcase of artworks in the online gallery.

The Synapse database is a resource for artists, scientists, researchers, curators and industry to develop innovative and dynamic collaborations and connections.

Feedback is welcome and we invite submissions from Australian artists, scientists and organisations to be included in the database.

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Anyone out there from the Lascaux Project?7/5/2005 6:04:34 PM
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