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Hi all! Sorry its been ages since I've posted anything, but I've been in Nepal shooting a documentary for my masters... anyways, a friend of mine told me about a great resource for independent filmmakers called: Shooting People,and although its sardonic humor doesn't always make you smile in the current political state of the world, its really a great database for anyone interested in filmmaking. It is based in England but they started a branch in NY a year ago... and here's a sample of the sorts of things you'll find on their website:

The Reel Deal
From: Matthew Glasson <matthew*at*>

  NYC's independent film showcase, The Reel Deal, is now accepting submissions
  for the next series of episodes beginning on Thursday, August 12.  The Reel
  Deal is a 30 minute program started late last year as a new television forum
  for independent film and video shorts to be broadcast to the borough of
  Manhattan.  In addition, the episodes have had live screenings at various
  venues for the filmmakers and other good folk.
  In preparation for the next series of episodes, Reel Deal is now open for any
  and all short film submissions.  Works can be of any sort or origin:
  animated, documentary, drama, experimental just so long as they were done
  independently!     It's absolutely free to submit - up to three shorts at one
  time.  Put your shorts on either mini-DV or DVD and send to this like so...
  The Reel Deal
  78 Norman Ave., 1st Floor
  Brooklyn, NY 11222
  get out your dusty cameras and send me your shorts
  Matthew Glasson

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