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damn, these movies are so fresh.... snnaaapp!


1, 2... 3.
these glorious revamped g.i. joe public service announcements (remember, learning is half the battle) have been massaging my body with porkchop flavored comedy for for over a year, culminating in a blissfull, albeit over-saturated, weekend of cartoon-quoting in berlin and well have to see 'em for yourself. and don't worry, even artforum gave their approval.

****Achtung! Diese Filme ist nicht Jugendfrei!****

the greatest hits:



the maker of these gems, eric fensler, has already been sent a cease and decist letter from hasbro, inc. (owners of the g.i.joe logo). i don't think hese beauties will be around for much longer.

get 'em while they're hot.

body massage
A massage of the body.
Kid #1: "Oh man, check out that thing, man."
Kid #2: "Whaddaya wanna do with it?"
Kid #1: "Let's launch over it!"
(A Jeep pulls up)
G.I. Joe: "Who wants a body massage?" *hums to himself*
Kid #2: "Uh, what did he just say to us?"
G.I. Joe: "Oooh... Mr. Body Massage Machine GO!"
Kid #2: "Uhhhhhh... what the Hell?"
G.I. Joe: "Body massage."

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sniggity-snap!3/21/2005 9:26:52 PM
heck yes im so glad others love these too! holy cow im totally going so fast!3/29/2005 10:43:42 PM
"last one to the pond is a penis- pump!"4/5/2005 12:42:48 PM
Good to see that Doc, Snowjob, Gung Ho, Spirit Iron-Knife and Roadblock have grown with the times. Alas, Snake Eyes remains resolutely silent...4/6/2005 10:27:09 AM
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