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Everyone and No One

I was so impressed with the four-panel mixed-media mural created by Fort Wendy's attendants that I have taken steps to preserve the finished pieces and present them mounted on masonite panels. If these are the first fruits of our collective labor and inspiration, then we have a bright future ahead!

Those of you checking out Ande's photo link will note that the panels are doubled over like potato chips (from just being painted on one side), so I gessoed the backs, which flattened them nicely. I also varnished the front surfaces to keep the pastel, charcoal, etc. from getting smudged. This had the added benefit of zinging up the color a bit and giving a slight gloss to the surface.

Once we get a few more collective pieces under our belts, we should seek out exhibit opportunities for the collective. They could combine group projects with individual pieces from collective members, or focus solely on group projects.


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Peter - thank you for taking the time to save this work. I'm happy Ande was able to take pictures of it so that it could be shared.

As for exhibitions, I'm for showing both in the physical as well as virtual.

Any thoughts on themes? Or should they emerge from the pieces selected?

9/4/2003 10:43:31 PM
We can have what amounts to a permanent gallery online.

I think that if any theme emerges, it may be linked to the spontaneous creation of things like the mural or the additive sculpture. Themelessness?

9/5/2003 10:36:41 AM
i think for exhibitions they should be done with both ideas (group and solo work) in mind. does anyone have any ideas as to where we could exhibit?9/16/2003 6:03:23 AM
Lansing Art Gallery is booked through mid-2005, but they will likely do another call for entries soon. I think a place like the Creole In Lansing would be awesome.

We should have some sort of internal process (within the collective) if we want to include individual's artworks. Otherwise, it will be a confusing (and disheartening) free-for-all. This doesn't have to be anything as formal or stodgy as a jury, but consider setting a limit of 2-3 pieces for individuals to keep things from looking like an art fire-sale.

9/18/2003 11:23:41 AM
See the FLAK calls-for-entries for ideas.9/18/2003 1:29:38 PM
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