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Compound (x) details


Here's details for OCC's second annual fall gathering, Compound (x).  Last year's was hugely successful and creatively rich, and this year's promises to be even better.  The past year has seen us realize our first publication, JOWAI Journal of Words and Images, and our first art exhibit, Collaboration .1.  We have exciting things to discuss for the upcoming year, so bring yourself, some artwork, writing, film, music, dance, or other talents!

what is compound (x) ?

Compound (X)

Where?   6356 Ginafred  Shores Dr. S.W.
              Fife Lake  MI  49633 (directions available through MAPQUEST)

When?    Starting  Friday, August 27th noonish until Sunday, August 29th when it's
              really time for you all to go

Who?       Anyone interested in becoming or currently a member of the OCC

How?       .....creatively......

Why?       Though the Outside Circle Collective is primarily a "_web based_
               community centered around the creation and apportion of the
               arts";  it's underlying purpose is to promote the creative collaboration
               between members and others for the betterment of both the group and
               and the individual...and, let's face it, there's nothing like meeting in
               the flesh.

What?     Though a formal itinerary  is not yet fully formalized (which is to say that
               it is still being added to daily) some highlight activities will involve:

              Ballistics study and application in the form of a Tournament Badminton
              Course (with glow in the dark shuttlecocks for night time usage)

              11 acre croquet/mini-golf course....Costumes for this event are highly
              encouraged though not mandatory.

              Experimental instrument research/application...these instruments
              nearly perform themselves; believe it or not:  you're already a rock star.

                 .... but wait, that's not all....

              Saturday night bonfire storytelling and oratory application (bring a poem,
              story, verbal game, etc. )

              Earth Castle building....kind of like Sand Castles but in the woods....

              Green vs. Black- A mono-a-mono activity played on the adjacent 40
              acres of state land involving masks, costumes, and paintball guns.... for
              whomever, whenever....

              And let's not forget: continual hanging out, collaborating, and just having
              a good time with friends new and familiar....Hope to see you there!

P.S.  Camping is available and encouraged.  If sleeping in a tent is not for you, there is limited indoor floor/couch space available (f.c.f.s.) as well as a local inn with exceptional facilities and reasonable rates overlooking Fife Lake. Call the Fife Lakeside Resort (231) 879-3341 for reservations...consolidating of groups on these rooms is a greatly economizing way to go; though again, camping is heartily encouraged

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Anyone interested in carpooling from the Michigan/Detroit area should contact me at Also, I've just noticed that the posted image has slightly incorrect date information. Ignore the poster regarding dates. The correct dates are August 27-29. I'll update it as soon as possible.

A couple tips:

It's northern Michigan, so if you are sensitive to insects, you may want to bring some bug spray. Personally, I question dousing your skin in chemicals to avoid the ephemeral discomfort of a mosquito bite, but I realize not everyone shares that view.

Bring food that can be cooked over a fire. There is kitchen space for prep.

See you all there!
8/10/2004 8:28:28 AM
sweeeeeet!8/10/2004 4:42:12 PM
A little Mapquest tip: enter the destination as the intersection of Blue and Shippy Roads (this is where Ginafred Shores originates -- Mapquest seems a little perplexed by Nick's actual address.) Please send your RSVPs to nickafisher11@hotmail.com8/18/2004 7:04:02 AM
See you all in northern Michigan! Ben could use a ride if anyone is leaving from the Detroit area.8/27/2004 5:14:32 AM
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