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Openings for January '05 Show at 555


This came to me via Joe Scott:

"i wanted to write to ask you if you'd want to be in a show i'm putting together.  it's going to be at the 555 gallery in detroit for january, 05.  i know it's kind of soon, but i if i get enough people together, we'd be able to make a good show.   up to 5 pieces, as big as you want them to be, and it's gonna cost about $10-15 for each person (because we have to pay for the space).   I would also like your help with getting more people involved.   i'd like to use outside circle as a tool to let more people know about this, but i'm having trouble using the message board, and i was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me out with that, and also spreading word of mouth would be awesome.  i was thinking that if all of our normal crew of 6 or 7 people invited one or two of their friends, we'd have plenty of pieces to show.  if people need to ship it in from somewhere far away, we can try to work out how to do that and keep the cost minimal.  so far, we've got the normal group -- travis, aaron, me, dorothy, tim lane, matt cygnet (probably), you (hopefully), jeremy couillard, chris t. (can't spell her last name),  and anyone else you'd like to invite, plus any of the occ people that want to show."

from Peter:

555 is a great gallery in Detroit, so this is a good opportunity if you want to exhibit in Motown.

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message date / author
Joe, count me IN. Hope to have some of my new pieces ready to exhibit.10/24/2004 3:19:30 PM
Joe - Are you only looking for 2d work or are you open to installations and sculpture? What is the deadline for submissions?10/25/2004 5:00:40 PM
Joe's e-mail is I don't know how regularly he is able to check the community log, so this might be the best way to get in touch with him if you have questions.10/26/2004 1:22:05 AM
sounds great! are they open to film and installation?10/26/2004 8:26:45 AM
I would be interested in doing live sound for a night there.10/26/2004 2:01:08 PM
Patrick Brander
I am interested as well, how do I get involved?10/26/2004 3:43:34 PM
I am interested in participating. I live in Hamtramck. Might also be able to help out with organizing/getting word out. please email me. carl310/26/2004 11:36:30 PM
Carl Oxley III
I will let Joe know there's been some activity on this bet is to drop him a line at the e-mail address in my last post. There is also a possibility of a group show opening at the Rankin Art Gallery in Big Rapids for 2005. I am in contact with them, and would like to submit a digital (photos) group proposal of the 555 show (or other work) to them. Get in touch with me ( if you are interested in this one, too. I will post more details as I get them.10/27/2004 9:52:55 AM
To all interested in the 555 show: It has been rescheduled and (slightly) restructured. It will now take place in February '05, and cost $25 per artist. There is a core group of 10 artists, who may each invite 1 additional artist, for a total of twenty artists who may exhibit 3 pieces each. If you are really interested in this show, don't hesitate to contact Joe.11/3/2004 2:50:20 AM
For those of you following along at home, the 555show is ON. It is scheduled for May, 2005, and will feature ten Lansing artists, each of whom have invited a non-Lansing artist. I know Washington DC and Paris will be represented... Intense gratitude goes to Joe Scott for doing the legwork on this one. If you wanted to take part in a show like this but weren't able to, please let us know ASAP next time an opportunity comes up. We want to include you!2/10/2005 2:18:46 PM
...and be persistent!3/1/2005 6:26:12 AM
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