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This group performed on the ice floes of the frozen Baltic sea by serenading a stranded ice breaker. 

Interesting concept.  Take A Listen...

"MIESKUORO HUUTAJAT (Men's Choir Shouters) was formed in 1987 in Oulu, Finland, by a group of young men who clearly had nothing better to do. The idea was to dress ca. 20 men in black suits, white shirts and black rubber ties, and train them to shout some of the most beloved songs in the Finnish song heritage."

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the recently made film about this group, entitled "Screaming Men" by director Mika Ronkainen is also supposed to be pretty good. It was at the 2004 Sundance Film Fest and recieved pretty good reviews. It's on my list! you can check out a review at 5:15:48 PM
The concept of creating a concert performance of screaming men is actually not that new. Some of you are familiar with the "gamelon" which literally translates as "orchestra" in Javanese. It is a percussion orchestra that also includes a spike fiddle and voice. What most people have never heard of when it comes to the music of Bali, is kecak which is voice gamelon. Kecak is a recreated tradition in that it was created in the 20th century by Walter Spies (a Dutch painter who lived in Bali) and Colin McPhee (a Canadian composer who lived in Bali for 8 years). These two westerners decided that the traditional voice gamelon would be highly marketable to tourists, so they got some locals to try it. It is now one of the main attractions and highlights in a Balinese tourist show. In kecak, 60-150 men appear onstage as representatives of a Monkey army (These shows always tell the story of a Hindu epic of either the Mahabharata or Ramayana, thus the obsession with monkeys). Anyway, the men in the ensemble use Balinese onomatopeic words like "cak" to imitate the sound of monkeys (the key is to sound like a swarm of monkeys), and make other sounds to imitate a gamelon or a fighting army. That is the only musical accompaniment to these shows. So...........back to the question when considering the "Screaming Men" and the "Kecak Monkey Army" is: Is music the universal language?2/5/2004 6:06:32 PM
I'll look into my sound files and see if I can find a sample of what kecak sounds like and post it. I love this stuff and the Mieskuoro Huutajat. They are both scary to look at and sometimes listen to, but so entertaining!2/5/2004 6:10:09 PM
cak cak cak cak cak ak ak ak ak. there's a scene in "baraka" with the javanese kecakers. it's great. 2/6/2004 4:36:53 PM
Gamelan music can be profoundly beautiful. Balinese gamelan tends to be more "peaceful," Javanese gamelan tends to be, well, "caffienated." Thanks to MSU's Prof. Mark Johnson for introducing me to the gamelan.2/7/2004 2:46:42 PM
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