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nutty performance art


Mark McGowan arrives at number 10"'I want them to bring back student grants. Hopefully, I made my point.'

Crawling on his hands and knees, Mark McGowan nudged the nut over a kerb and up the steps to the famous black door of Number 10.

The man who has been protesting against student debt by pushing a monkey nut to Downing Street with his nose has completed his task."

[via Ananova]

Arts - Performing  
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i tried that. didn't work. 9/17/2003 4:24:15 PM
I think that the important thing is that we indebt everyone to everyone else, so that we are all equally impoverished by our material possessions and accomplishments. Thank (insert deity here) that the Saudis don't want their 14 Billion back yet!9/18/2003 12:38:29 PM
...didn't mean that to be as caustic as it sounds. Here's the "nice" version:

the circle of debt creates a money vacuum that we are all in danger of being sucked into. Some day, the bean counters will realize that all the numbers they have been pushing around are just that -- numbers! Currency is no longer evaluated on a fixed medium (i.e. the "gold standard"), but rather its own flux relative to other markets/currencies. Does anyone else see the folly in this?

When it sinks in that "the table has no legs," I imagine a lot of people's expressions will look like Wiley Coyote's after he steps (or rocket-sleds) off of a cliff. At that point, true value will reside in skills and capabilities (can you grow food? Can you build structures? Are you a teacher or an artisan who can fill a void?)

I know, I'm soapboxing. It happens when you add caffeine to free time!

How many zeros you have in a bank ledger will not feed you, clothe you, or make you a viable Darwinian organism when the dollar goes the way of the peso.

This isn't meant as's not pessimistic to buy a bicycle when you see that your automobile is a voracious but dying breed...Or to learn to bake bread when you hear that the bakery can't afford the flour anymore. It's futuristic.

I am all for performance art that draws attention to this.

9/18/2003 2:44:55 PM
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