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deadline approaching for poetry/film collaboration pieces


Just a reminder to all interested in participating in the poetry/film collaboration: the deadline for your poetry pieces is MAY 6th!!! (unless you have previously contacted me with a legit excuse). So just to refresh your memories, here's the quote from Anna Quindlen again:"

"Otherness posits that there are large groups of people with whom you have nothing in common, not even a discernable shared humanity.  Not only are these groups profoundly different from you, they are also covertly, somehow less: Less worthy. Less moral. Less good. This sense of otherness is the single most pernicious force in American discourse. The not-like-us ethos makes so much bigotry possible: Racism, Sexism, Homophobia.  It divides the country as surely as the Mason-Dixon line once did. And it makes for mean-spirited and punitive politics and policy."

Each poetry piece can comment upon this quote in terms of its domestic or foreign application.  Please feel free to post some of what you are writin in the discussion box so that other poets writing pieces for this project can see what is being written and comment through their poetry. This will help to make the film (when we get around to that stage) more coherent and aid in making the project as a whole more of a poetic dialogue as opposed to several different fragmented pieces from different poets.  Now, don't be bashful and get writing!

If you have just stumbled upon this post and would like more info about this collaboration project, please post your questions to me via the discussion box on the right. thanks!

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ok, seriously, guys. I know some of you have written stuff already..... can we see some of it here in this space?4/29/2005 12:59:58 PM
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