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those who use glass outhouse...

glass outhouse
'Playing with the idea of the most private bodily function and having to sit
on a street corner is just bizarre.'

thanks to my friend teresa for pointing this one out!

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I've always been entranced by stories of the "very public" toliet. There is a men's bathroom in Disney World where the urinals look out to an unknowing table. I think I saw some other ones on Extreme Bathrooms or something like that on Discovery Channel, TLC... but none of them compare to this one. Nice find Ande!2/26/2004 8:29:21 AM
who needs walls? when the pubs close no one uses toilets anyway... gotta love em.2/26/2004 11:42:43 AM
Wow. That's kind of creepy.

I like the way it removes itself from the landscape with mirrors though. An interesting effect. I'd have misgivings about the glass though -- I seem to recall being able to see ever so slightly through the glass -- it's like sunglasses.
2/29/2004 8:30:45 PM
name not provided
Maybe they could take this idea one step further and have transparent plumbing as well. There's such a disconnect between the waste we produce on the personal level and the enormous amounts of sewage overflowing into our lakes and rivers. In our minds, it disappears as soon as we pull the silver handle...3/1/2004 2:01:51 AM
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