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Photo Exhibit Designed for the Blind


Heard on NPR Tuesday Morning:

"An exhibit at London's Natural History Museum contains photographs that are meant to be touched. Artists created the tactile photos by utilizing a type of plastic in order to create texture which gives the sense of depth, light and shadow." [link to audio]

I'd be interested in getting your reactions to this audio piece.  You'll need either real audio or windows media to listen (but worth it).

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i have seen the earth from the air exhibit that they speak of in this piece (there is also a book out) and that alone was interesting enough. i think it would be quite challenging to create some of the work in tactile form, but i believe it is worth it when you hear how many visually impared people responded to this exhibit. i have also heard of translating an image on the back of a visually impared persons back as a means for gereating an emotional and sensory response from the brain. it's difficult to put one's feet in those shoes but sometimes attempting to change your perceptions (even imagining the abscence of a sense) can be stimulating in its own right.9/24/2003 7:11:34 PM
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