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(SCENE) Metrospace in partnership with Found Magazine announces the opening of its newest exhibition, "FOUND!" which will be unveiled on Wednesday, March 30.  "FOUND!" explores the recovery and reuse of objects that have been lost, misplaced, discarded or left behind.

Local and national artists participating in "FOUND!" use found materials in unique ways to construct their artwork.  Los Angeles native Kelly Lynn Jones uses fabric and collage to create illustrations.  Scott Hocking of Detroit created his art piece using recovered negatives that he found in an abandoned house.  Ann Arbor based Davy Rothbart and Found Magazine have become an international phenomenon over the past year. Rothbart will share numerous amazing finds that strangers have sent in from across the globe. Doug Coombe of Ann Arbor will use photographs of abandoned warehouses and buildings in Detroit, evoking the beauty found in destruction.  The Portland, Ore. based Suite B Artist Collective employed a search, recovery, and create cycle to make art through found images and objects.  The Suite B members participating in "FOUND!" Include East Lansing natives Jen Kruch and Josh Kermiet, as well as Oregon's James Boulton, and Corey Lunn. 

here to visit (SCENE) Metrospace.
Click here to visit Found Magazine.

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did anyone ever see a copy of "Dirty Found?"3/15/2005 11:34:47 AM
Davy Rothbart willl also be doing a performance (?) at the Ann Arbor Film Festival - I think on Friday or Saturday... check: for more info.3/17/2005 5:18:48 PM
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